xVideoServiceThief – Download Videos For Free On Windows, Mac, And Linux

The xVideoServiceThief software is a great alternative for anyone looking to download videos from YouTube. Lightweight and with great speed, xVST downloads in a matter of seconds, even when more than one is being downloaded at the same time. Performance couldn’t be more satisfying, especially if the focus is on Google’s video platform.

For those who need to download from other sites, the tool can be frustrating. This is because the software has not been updated since 2014, which means that a good part of its catalog of compatible sites is not popular these days (MySpace is a good example of this situation).

It is worth noting here that the software works on the latest versions of operating systems, at least theoretically. Cuban VR has verified that xVideoServiceThief was used on a notebook with Windows 10 and it ran without any problems.

The lag can also be noticed by the interface, which has an “old-fashioned” look although not so much that it causes discomfort. To compensate for this not-very-positive aspect, the system offers excellent usability with an objective and well-organized tools. It comes pre-set with the English language, but you can change it in the settings to any other language to make it easier to use.

The update gap is directly related to the fact that xVST is open-source software. And that impacts not just the supported sites or the look and feel. The translation into Portuguese, for example, fails on some screens. Between the pros and cons of this characteristic, however, the balance is positive. The user can access software that has online support from a vibrant member forum without paying anything.

In terms of functionality, xVideoServiceThief has everything a person who wants to download videos from the Internet needs. You can pause and then resume the download, check the process information, and run the clips directly through the application. The settings are also quite complete, with an emphasis on the possibility of blocking adult sites, which is important for anyone who shares the computer with children, for example.

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