Sweatcoin Get Paid To Walk Program – An App That Pays You To Walk

An application that allows you to earn coupons by walking has challenges, auctions, and activities to engage users; learn about the app’s features and how to use it to make purchases

Sweatcoin a walking step counter app, available for Android and iOS phones, has become one of the most successful apps on the internet today, and with an incredible promise of remunerating users by counting steps, the application grants virtual coins that can be exchanged for discount coupons, purchased at the platform’s store. While the focus of downloads is on earning real money — which, it’s worth mentioning, isn’t possible in the app for now — there are other ways to enjoy the app. Here are four ways to use Sweatcoin.

Joining the Sweatcoin program is easy, and therefore, it is advisable to read the privacy policies before accepting the Sweatcoin proposal, to make sure that you agree with the data processing carried out by the application.

How to make money with Sweatcoin

With so many questions like; Does Sweatcoin give you real money, How many Sweatcoins is $1 and how many Sweatcoins is 1000 steps? We’ve decided to share with you the best possible ways to take advantage of this wonderful program.

1. Improve physical performance

In addition to the daily walks stimulated by the use of the application itself, users can improve their physical performance by investing in coupons for gym classes and other activities, such as yoga. The app also offers a 60-day coupon for a cycling simulator, which offers virtual tracks in different landscapes to ride without leaving home and costs ten Sweatcoins. 

Another possibility of use for well-being is to monitor your activities through the app to identify which were the days with the highest performance in physical activities. So you can keep an exercise diary. Participating in the “community challenges”, available on Sweatcoin, is also a good way to enjoy the app, as it encourages the practice of physical activity and even provides rewards – such as additional coins, for example – when completing the circuit proposed by the app.

2. Make donations

In addition to discount coupons, Sweatcoin users can carry out charitable actions and engage in social causes using the app. It is possible to participate in various campaigns, such as helping Ukrainian children who were victims of war and children in Madagascar who do not have access to public health policies. The app partners with several charities and every week feature new causes to support. In addition, by subscribing to the premium service, Sweatcoin promises to double donations from any campaign.

3. Participate in auctions

It is also possible to secure electronics for lower prices on Sweatcoin, such as TV and SmartWatch, through auctions held in the app. To participate, note the minimum bid, the highest bid, and the time left to close. Before participating, check if you have already managed to accumulate a significant balance in your virtual wallet, as auctions usually require high values ​​to be competitive. To give you an idea, bids usually start with 29,000 Sweatcoins.

4. Swap your walks for store coupons

Every thousand steps, the user earns 1 Sweatcoin. The number seems low and indeed it is if you are not a that physically active person. However, from five Sweatcoins it is already possible to exchange your walks for discount coupons in stores registered in the app. Offers are frequently updated, with vouchers for sporting goods, cosmetics, streaming platforms such as Netflix, and even major retailers such as Amazon. Please note that coupons are limited in quantity and may not be available in all regions.

Can I withdraw Sweatcoin money?

You can withdraw money from Sweatcoin by the way of reward. Sweatcoin users can exchange their earnings for PayPal gift cards and other rewards supported in the system.

Final thought

​​Sweatcoin is one of the best iPhone apps that pay you to walk, it is also available on the Play store for android users. Feel free to let us know in the comment section if you’ve used the Sweatcoin app before or want to give it a try for the first time.

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