Google Fidget Spinner – How To Find And Play It On Your Browser

I guess we’re the first to tell you that the anti-stress joke that’s all the rage at the moment has a virtual version hidden in the Google search engine.

Spinner gained a virtual version of Google that is hidden in the company’s search engine in the form of a widget. Spinner appears in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge searches on the computer — strangely using the mouse — and also on Android and iOS cell phones. However, if you don’t want to buy an original spinner, you have to use Google search engine to spin it

How does Google Spinner Fidget work?

How do you spin a Google spinner? The Google Spinner simulation in the search works similarly to the real object: To make it rotate, you need to make a movement that rotates it from right to left, or the other way around (impulse). It is also possible to act by clicking on the “spin” button, which is just below the spin area. To keep it moving, just click on the center of the Spinner.

Chrome Google Fidget Spinner – Image by Cuban VR

There are two versions of spinners by Google, you can toggle the button at the top right as seen on the image above, to switch to numbers and begin to enjoy your spin.

How to access Google’s virtual fidget stimulator.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Visit
  3. Type “google fidget spinner” in the search bar to access the fidget spinner game.

Final thought

I hope that you find this post on how to unveil the hidden Google fidget virtual spinner game on Google search engine helpful.

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