Pixly: Make Your Drawings In Pixel Art With Ease

The Pixly pixel art editor is a good option for anyone who likes to draw pixel art. Pixels, the smallest digital point in an image, serve as the foundation for the entire user interface, which is customizable. The site has a full set of tools for people who want to add geometric shapes, colored brushes, more points, color fills, and even text editing to their projects. The app even runs on older cell phones, with Android starting at version 2.3 and being free to download and use.

The Pixly app offers an interface in English, which can be a little difficult for Brazilian internet users to use. However, many of the actions are guided through menus with icons in images, making the applications a little more interactive.

The highlight of the application is its various tools for those who want to make more advanced drawings in Pixel Art using their cell phone or tablet screen. In the base menu are the resources, with solid, colored, or gradient brushes in the same shade. In addition, there is the stamp and effect of loose pixels in “splash.” If you make a mistake, you can erase it with the eraser and even fill in drawings with solid colors.

The “Color Picker” feature allows you to quickly copy the color of a section of the drawing. The user can still select spaces in Pixel Art and add geometric shapes, lines, and even texts to their projects. To save the frame, it is possible to save it as an image in the cell phone gallery, export it as a GIF, or even share it directly on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, by email, or on cloud services.

Pixly is free to use, and ads are only displayed when the user goes to save the project, not during drawing. The downside is that it appears in full screen, which interferes with saving your drawing. Another bad point is having to wait the minimum amount of time to skip advertising on mobile phones, as happens on YouTube. It is worth the user’s time to check the size of the project, since some images may appear very small in the result. During use, the app did not show crashes or errors, being effective in its functionality.

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