What You Can Currently Do On Meta Threads Website

How do I access Meta threads? For now, Meta Threads can be accessed only through the Threads App. We will however proceed with uncovering the basic aspects of Meta Threads website as it is when this post was written

If you’re a desktop user, you might have asked for “Meta threads website login” so you can enjoy the amazing features of the new text-based app by Meta. Unfortunately, Meta is yet to roll out the web version of Threads or make available Meta Threads download for PC.

What does the Meta Threads website look like?

The official website for Meta Threads is www.threads.net. The screenshot below is the current look of the Meta Threads website.

Things you can do on Threads website for now

With the current looks of the Threads Instagram website, we can tell that the meta team is seriously cooking something incredible for the web version of Threads. Currently, the features available on Threads website are limited. Below are things you can do on the Threads website for now.

Visit the official Threads website at www.threads.net

You can move your mouse or drag your screen to rotate the pixels of Threads logo in Instagram logo-alike color (this is just for fun)

Click on the Threads QR code located at the bottom right of the screen to scan with your phone camera and download Threads app on your phone.

NB: Keep revisiting this page, as we will update this post immediately after we discover that there’s something new on the Threads website.


Can you use threads without Instagram?

Do I need Instagram for threads? An Instagram account is a prerequisite for joining Threads. So, to use Threads, you need an active Instagram account.

How do I get a threads account?

Getting Threads account is an easy and straightforward process. Simply select your Instagram name when prompted to do so on the Threads App. Here’s a complete guide on how to signup on Threads.

Is threads the same as Twitter?

No, Threads is not the same as Twitter. However, the argument is often triggered by the design of the User interface of Threads, but deep inside, Threads is an entirely different platform with more interesting features underway.

What are popular hashtags on Threads?

Currently, there are no hashtag features on Threads. We’re hopeful that the Instagram team will bring hashtags to Threads as many people are already asking to know what are the trending hashtags on Threads, Instagram hashtags on threads, and Funny hashtags on threads just as they would do on the parent app, Instagram.

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