How Do You Get Followers On Threads Instagram App?

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You can still join Threads if you’ve not, and the best time to join Threads is Now! A few weeks ago, we celebrated Mr. Beast as the first person to reach 1 million followers on Threads and this is to show you how relatively new Threads is and how big your chances of growth could be on this newly launched social media platform by the Instagram team.

Whether you’re wondering how you get followers on the Threads app or how to import followers from Instagram to Threads, you will find this guide helpful.

How to get real followers on Threads

To gain followers on a thread social media platform, it’s important to engage with others and provide valuable contributions. Here are some strategies to attract and retain followers:

  1. Be active and consistent: Regularly participate in discussions, respond to other users’ posts, and share your own insights. Consistency helps you establish a presence and build rapport with other users.
  2. Provide valuable content: Share informative, well-researched, or thought-provoking content that adds value to the discussion. Offer unique perspectives, share relevant articles or resources, and provide solutions to problems or questions raised by other users.
  3. Keep to community rules: Maintain a positive and respectful tone in your interactions. Treat others with kindness, even when you disagree. People are more likely to follow and engage with someone who is respectful and considerate.
  4. Engage with other users: Respond to comments, ask questions, and initiate conversations. Actively engaging with others shows that you are interested in the community and encourages others to follow and interact with you.
  5. Follow influential users: Identify key influencers or thought leaders in the community and follow their discussions. Engage with their content by leaving thoughtful comments or sharing their posts. This can increase your visibility and attract followers who are interested in the same topics.
  6. Don’t depend on text only: Threads despite being a text-based platform, give room for uploading of media content such as videos or photos. This can enhance your thread and make more people engage with your content and follow you.
  7. Share your profile: Share your Threads account profile on other social media platforms where you already have followers to help them easily locate and reconnect with you on Threads.


Can you follow people on threads?

Yes, you can follow people on threads and begin to engage with their threads. This is an easy and straightforward process.

How do I find people to follow on threads?

You can find people on Threads by tapping the “home” icon on the bottom area of your screen to see the latest threads and follow users based on your interest or make use of the “search” icon to search for specific users that you would like to follow on Threads. When you see a user, you can tap on the follow button to follow them or on the plus icon to activate follow.

How do you sync Instagram followers to threads?

The best way to sync Instagram followers to Threads is during signup by using the import followers from Instagram feature. See the detailed guide here on how to import Instagram users to Threads.

Remember, the primary goal should be to provide value to the community and foster meaningful discussions. Building a genuine following requires active participation, thoughtful contributions, and building relationships with other users.

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