How To Use Midjourney AI Art Generator Free

Have you wondered if you can create awesome artwork using artificial intelligence? Let’s find out how you can do that free.

Introducing Midjourney AI, an exceptional AI art generator that enables users to craft stunning and original artwork using artificial intelligence. With this remarkable tool, users can transform any typed prompt into captivating art, courtesy of advanced algorithms that analyze the input and generate unique images tailored to their specifications.

In this guide, we will delve into how to access and utilize the Midjourney AI art generator for free, covering essential steps such as joining the Midjourney Discord server, using the “/imagine” command, and patiently awaiting the AI to produce the art.

Whether you are an artist seeking new creative pathways or a casual user eager to generate beautiful artwork, Midjourney AI stands as an accessible and potent solution to fulfill your aspirations. Let’s embark on this journey and explore how to leverage the Midjourney AI art generator without cost.

Steps on how to use Midjourney ai art generator free

Absolutely! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use the Midjourney AI art generator for free:

1. Join the Midjourney Discord server by visiting the Midjourney website and clicking the “Join the Beta” button or using the Discord invite link.

2. Upon entering the newcomer channel, initiate the art generation process by typing the “/imagine” command, followed by a clear text description of what you desire the AI to create.

3. To enhance accuracy, be as specific as possible while describing your vision, using concise and precise language to help the AI comprehend your intentions.

4. Allow a few seconds for the AI to render the image fully; the result will be displayed in the chat window once it’s complete.

5. If the initial output doesn’t meet your expectations, you can either try again with a different prompt or refine your existing prompt by adding more details.

6. To save the generated image to your device, right-click on it and select the “Save image as” option, or utilize the Discord download button.

By following these steps, you can utilize the Midjourney AI art generator for free, creating stunning and unique artwork through the magic of artificial intelligence. Whether you’re an artist exploring new creative horizons or a casual user seeking to generate beautiful artwork, Midjourney AI stands as a powerful and accessible tool that can help you accomplish your artistic aspirations.


Can I use Midjourney without Discord?

Using Midjourney without Discord is not possible. Midjourney is entirely integrated into the Discord platform, and to access its features and create AI-generated art, a Discord account is required.

Can Midjourney edit existing images?

Yes, Midjourney has the capacity to edit existing images.

How do I achieve better results with Midjourney?

To enhance your outcomes on Midjourney, consider incorporating phrases like “high key” or “low key,” as well as “high contrast” and “low contrast,” to attain the desired effect. Additionally, some highly impactful keywords to utilize in your prompt include “global illumination,” “natural light,” and “uplight.” These inputs can significantly influence the AI’s art generation process and lead to impressive results.

Is it possible for Midjourney to generate vector art?

Yes, you can convert the PNG files produced by Midjourney into vector graphics. To achieve this, you can use Adobe Illustrator and follow the methods explained below to convert your PNG image into a vector graphic.


The Midjourney AI art generator proves to be a potent tool, enabling users to craft stunning and one-of-a-kind artwork using artificial intelligence. By adhering to the steps provided in this guide, users can harness the capabilities of the Midjourney AI art generator for free, generating images from any typed prompt. With its user-friendly interface and robust AI capabilities, Midjourney AI stands as an excellent choice for both amateur and professional artists seeking to explore novel creative pathways. Whether your aim is to create digital art for personal or professional purposes, the Midjourney AI art generator serves as a powerful and easily accessible tool to accomplish your artistic endeavors. Let’s delve in and commence the journey of creating beautiful artwork with the Midjourney AI art generator today.

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