How To Use Imagen AI Generator Online?

Gone are the hours of painstakingly crafting each image. With this technology, you can now generate high-quality images in mere seconds. This not only frees up your valuable time but also enables you to concentrate on other essential tasks.

Using an AI image generator like Imagen AI Generator is as easy as typing in your desired text or prompt. Witness the software’s magic as it produces a one-of-a-kind image tailored to your input. Thanks to its sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, Imagen AI Generator can effortlessly craft high-quality images.

Whether you require visuals for your blog, social media posts, or marketing endeavors, Imagen AI Generator is the ideal solution to create stunning images within seconds. Don’t hesitate to try it out today and experience the seamless process of generating captivating images with AI technology.

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Steps on how to use Imagen AI generator

Follow these steps to use Imagen AI Generator:

1. Begin by signing up for an account on the Imagen website and downloading the Imagen app. Install the application on your device.

2. Log in to your account and click on the “Add a profile” button to create an AI profile.

3. You have the option to either build your unique Creator AI Profile or select from Imagen’s collection of ready-to-use Talent AI Profiles.

4. Once your AI profile is set up, click on the “Create” button to initiate the Imagen AI Generator.

5. Enter your desired text or prompt and choose the type of image you wish to generate.

6. Customize the image to your preferences by adjusting the style, color, and other settings.

7.When you’re satisfied with the result, click on the “Download” button to save the image to your device or share it directly on social media.

To add photos to Imagen AI and upload a project, follow these steps:

1. Ensure the photos you want to upload are in a catalog with proper connections, links, or have Smart previews built for them.

2. Select the relevant folders containing the images you want to upload for editing.

3. Name your project to distinguish it.

4. Choose an AI profile for the editing process.

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How to train an image generation AI?

Gather a collection of images and organize them into a folder on your computer to create a dataset. For best results, use images with similar content and style, as this will help the model synthesize images that resemble those in the original dataset.

How does Imagen AI work?

The working principle of Imagen AI involves real-time analysis of each photo you wish to edit. The AI examines the image and dynamically adjusts various Lightroom parameters according to your chosen editing style and the specific requirements of the photo.

Can I use ImagenAI without Lightroom?

ImagenAI is designed to be a stand-alone app, independent of Lightroom. However, to utilize ImagenAI, you need Adobe Lightroom Classic (required software). After selecting the images you wish to edit from Lightroom, the AI smart assistant applies your editing profile. Once the edits are completed, you will receive an email notification with a link to download the edited images.


Imagen AI Generator is an impressive tool that enables you to swiftly and effortlessly create captivating images. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology, it generates unique visuals based on your input and allows easy customization according to your preferences. Whether it’s for your blog, social media posts, or marketing campaigns, Imagen AI Generator can be the perfect solution to craft the ideal image within minutes. Don’t hesitate; sign up for an account today and elevate your visual content to new heights with Imagen AI Generator.

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