How To Use Copy AI For Free Online?

If there’s an AI that writes content for free, is the king. Copy AI is an exceptional AI-driven writing tool renowned for its ability to generate top-notch content across diverse applications. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Copy AI empowers users to craft compelling marketing copy, product descriptions, blogs, emails, and more.

While Copy AI provides multiple pricing plans, it also offers a free option, enabling users to access its robust features without any financial commitment. In this article, I will present a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to utilize Copy AI for free, enabling you to harness its impressive capabilities without incurring any costs.

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How to use Copy AI for free: Step-by-step guide

1. Visit the official Copy AI website and create an account. The signup process does not require a credit card, making it easy to get started with the free account option.

2. Once you have successfully logged in, you can explore and access the various free tools offered on the platform. These tools encompass a range of functionalities, such as the Instagram Caption Generator, Product Description Generator, Ad Headline Generator, and more.

3. To utilize any of the available free tools, simply choose the desired tool from the provided list and follow the prompts to input the necessary information. For instance, if you opt for the Instagram Caption Generator, you will be prompted to upload an image and provide essential details about your brand or product.

4. Copy AI will employ its AI algorithms to generate a caption or description that can be incorporated into your marketing materials.

5. Should you require access to more advanced features, such as generating longer content pieces or utilizing the platform for commercial purposes, upgrading to a paid plan is an option.

By following these steps, you can freely leverage Copy AI’s powerful AI-driven writing tools, allowing you to create high-quality content for your marketing campaigns.

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What is the word limit for’s free version?’s Free Plan is highly enticing as it grants users a complimentary account to explore all of its features. Even if users opt not to purchase a premium plan, they will still receive a monthly renewal of 2,000 words, allowing them to continue using the tool free of charge.

Is it possible to write a book using Copy AI?

In short, yes. Thanks to advancements in AI technology, Copy AI is capable of generating readable and acceptable content. With the appropriate prompts, it can even assist in writing a full-length book.


Copy AI is an influential writing tool that enables the generation of top-notch content for diverse applications. This is by far the best free copywriting generator for marketers. While the platform provides various pricing plans, it also offers a free option. By utilizing the available free tools, users can leverage features like the Instagram Caption Generator, Product Description Generator, and Ad Headline Generator, among others. 

These tools assist in crafting compelling marketing copy, even for those lacking extensive writing experience. For additional advanced features, upgrading to a paid plan is an option. Overall, Copy AI proves to be a valuable resource for enhancing writing skills and creating high-quality marketing materials.

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