How To Use DragGan AI Editing Tool Online

Discover the transformative potential of DragGan AI, an innovative image editing tool harnessing generative AI for realistic facial feature and expression modifications. This guide provides a step-by-step walk through for utilizing DragGan AI online. With advanced features, DragGan AI elevates photo editing to a new level while preserving image integrity.

For those seeking to harness the power of DragGan AI online, a series of steps must be followed. Begin by installing Conda and cloning the repository, then configuring the Conda environment and enabling MPS fallbacks. After these initial steps, users can access pre-trained models and launch the DragGan web GUI. Here, they can upload their desired image, interactively edit it, and effortlessly save the modified image.

About DragGan AI

DragGan AI presents an advanced AI-driven image editing tool that empowers users to realistically modify images with simplicity and precision. Created by the Max Planck Institute, this tool utilizes a research-based foundation. It offers a unique approach to image deformation through interactive points.

Key Features of DragGan AI

Interactive Image Deformation: DragGan AI facilitates intuitive image deformation using interactive points, similar to moving icons on a computer desktop.

Feature-Based Motion Supervision: Maintain image integrity during modifications through feature-based motion supervision.

Revolutionary Point-Tracking Technique: Enjoy precise tracking of image changes with DragGan AI’s innovative point-tracking technique.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate DragGan AI effortlessly through its user-friendly interface for effective and efficient usage.

Getting Started with DragGan AI

Create an Account: Begin by creating a DragGan AI account. This involves visiting the website, clicking “Sign Up,” entering your email and password, and clicking “Create Account.”

Navigating the Dashboard: After logging in, access the dashboard to upload and manage images. The “Upload Image” button allows for new image additions, followed by clicking “Edit” to initiate editing.

Editing Interface: Once inside the editing interface, a left-hand toolbar provides an array of editing tools for making precise adjustments.

How to use DragGan AI for Image Editing

Discover how to effectively utilize DragGan AI for image editing:

Uploading Your Content: Begin by uploading your desired image using the “Upload” button within the DragGan Web GUI.

Exploring Editing Features: DragGan AI offers an extensive selection of editing features, including draggable points, brush tool, clone tool, and color correction.

Saving and Exporting: After editing, save and export your work in various formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF). Adjust quality and size as needed.

Advanced Techniques with DragGan AI

Leverage AI for efficient image editing with DragGan AI:

AI-Guided Edits: DragGan AI utilizes AI to analyze images and propose edits. Users can accept, reject, or modify these suggestions.

AI Editing Process: Upload your image, select AI editing, and review suggestions for streamlined editing.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering issues? Troubleshoot with these tips:

Login Problems: Ensure a Google account is linked and you’re logged into your browser. Clear cache and cookies if needed.

Editing Challenges: Refresh your browser or clear cache if DragGan AI is unresponsive. Try different browsers or devices if issues persist.

Exporting Troubles: Verify stable internet connection and correct file format. Test different formats or save locations if exporting issues arise.


What are the features of DragGan AI editing tool?

DragGan AI offers features like image enhancement, object removal, color correction, and background replacement, all driven by AI.

Is DragGan AI editing tool available for download on PC?

No, DragGan AI is an online tool accessible through web browsers without the need for downloads or installations.

Can I integrate DragGan AI editing tool into my website?

Yes, DragGan AI can be integrated into your website using its API, enabling direct editing for your users.

Does DragGan AI editing tool offer a demo version?

Yes, a free demo version is available on the website, allowing users to test features before committing.

How does DragGan AI editing tool compare to other AI photo editors?

DragGan AI’s ability to generate images based on user changes sets it apart. Its ease of use and online accessibility are distinctive.

Are tutorials available for using DragGan AI editing tools online?

Yes, the website provides a range of tutorials and guides covering various editing aspects for user convenience.


DragGan AI stands as a cutting-edge photo editing tool, effortlessly modifying images with remarkable realism. By following the outlined steps, users can harness its capabilities to enhance their images creatively and professionally. Whether an experienced photographer or a novice, DragGan AI offers an accessible and powerful solution for all your image editing needs.

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