How To Use Chat GPT In Vietnam (Step-by-step Guide)

Why is ChatGPT banned in Vietnam and how can I use it? While currently ChatGPT is unavailable in Vietnam, and there’s no specified date when ChatGPT will be available in Vietnam, there’s a way around it so you can open ChatGPT in Vietnam and leverage this amazing AI model by the OpenAI to boost your productivity.

Chat GPT has emerged as a game-changing AI language model, developed by OpenAI, that has captured significant attention and adoption. Its versatile capabilities have found applications in chatbots, content creation, and more, gaining popularity among both businesses and individuals. Whether you are a business owner seeking operational efficiency or an individual aiming to enhance your writing skills, Chat GPT offers valuable solutions. Unfortunately, people in Vietnam would have to take extra steps to access ChatGPT with VPN which I will disclose to you in this guide.

Join us as we embark on an exploration of the captivating realm of Chat GPT in Vietnam!

How To Use Chat GPT In Vietnam

Chat GPT is a versatile language model capable of facilitating various applications, such as content creation, chatbot development, and more. Unfortunately, Vietnam is one of the ChatGPt blacklisted countries, and there are several effective approaches to harness the potential of Chat GPT with the steps below.

1. Leverage the power of a VPN

In Vietnam, accessing Chat GPT might be hindered due to specific restrictions. However, you can overcome this obstacle by utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By employing a VPN, you can modify your IP address to a location where Chat GPT is accessible. Renowned VPN providers like NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, and AtlasVPN, among others, can help you use Chat GPT in restricted countries.

2. Use Private Browsing

In Vietnam, an alternative method to access Chat GPT is through the utilization of a private browsing mode, such as an Incognito Window. This browsing mode ensures heightened privacy by preventing the retention of your browsing history. To leverage Chat GPT in a private browsing mode, all you need to do is open a new browser window and select the private browsing option. This allows you to explore Chat GPT while maintaining an added layer of privacy.

3. Visit the official OpenAI website

With the help of VPN you installed in step one, you can now access the OpenAI website in Vietnam via

4. Sign up for ChatGPT

Click on the “Signup” button to create a ChatGPT account. The process is straightforward, you will have to enter your email address and password. If you’re asked for a phone number you can utilize the services of temp email phone numbers for ChatGPT to get through the process. After a successful signup, you will have access to the GPT chat box.

5. Enhance results with precise instructions

When using Chat GPT, it is essential to provide specific instructions to achieve optimal outcomes. For instance, you can direct Chat GPT to summarize a specific piece of content or generate content of a particular type, such as a blog post or social media update. The more detailed your instructions, the better Chat GPT can comprehend your requirements and offer accurate recommendations tailored to your needs.

6. Polish and perfect your content

After generating content with the help of Chat GPT, it is crucial to engage in the process of editing and refining. This entails meticulously checking for errors, ensuring readability, and verifying that the content aligns with your specific requirements. To further enhance the quality of your content, it can be beneficial to seek feedback and suggestions from a trusted friend or colleague. Their fresh perspective can provide valuable insights for improvement.


Is Vietnam VPN safe?

Yes, it is safe to use VPN in Vietnam. Make your choice of VPN from our list of recommended VPN services in Vietnam.

How to install ChatGPT in Vietnam?

ChatGPT app for iOS is currently the official app for ChatGPT from OpenAI and can be installed on your devices in Vietnam with the help of VPN or proxy servers.

When will ChatGPT be available in Vietnam?

We expect that ChatGPT will be available in Vietnam in the near future when it will be unblocked for use in Vietnam.

Is Chat GPT Plus available in Vietnam?

Chat GPT Plus is unofficially available in Vietnam, you will need the services of free or paid Virtual Private Network to access it.

Why is ChatGPT banned in Vietnam?

OpenAI policies do not consider Vietnam as one of the ChatGPT eligible countries that’s why users see the error “ChatGPT is unavailable in your country” whenever they try to access the OpenAI ChatGPT website as a Vietnamese.


Chat GPT proves to be a formidable tool with diverse applications in Vietnam, encompassing content creation, chatbots, and beyond. By employing VPNs, private browsing modes, providing precise instructions, and diligently editing and refining your content, you can effectively harness the capabilities of Chat GPT to optimize your workflows and enhance communication in a seamless manner.

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