How To Use Bard In Google Sheets (The Complete Guide)

People who want to give their productivity a boost are leveraging Google Bard, and Google Sheets are not left behind in the list of what Google Bard can do.

Bard is an intelligent chatbot designed by Google and can also be used to streamline your Google Sheets experience. Bard empowers you with automated tasks, real-time suggestions, and efficient troubleshooting capabilities for your spreadsheets.

What is Google Bard?

BARD, developed by Google, is an innovative AI-powered language model aimed at enhancing users’ creativity and productivity. Unlike chatbots or voice assistants, BARD is a text-based tool that offers suggestions, feedback, and ideas based on user input. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, BARD analyzes user input, providing tailored responses to aid in various tasks such as writing, brainstorming, or idea generation.

With BARD, users can receive suggestions for new phrases, assistance with grammar and syntax, and even generate entire paragraphs or stories based on their prompts. Originally introduced as an experimental project in 2021, BARD has since received updates, including features like image analysis and audio responses. Users can access BARD for free on the web, and experience its capabilities by visiting the official website.

This guide will walk you through the simple steps to harnessing Bard’s power in Google Sheets, optimizing your spreadsheet productivity with ease and effectiveness.

Things you can do with Bard on Google Sheets?

Google Bard can help you with any of the following;

  • Creating a new spreadsheet
  • Editing and formatting data in a spreadsheet
  • Using formulas and functions in a spreadsheet
  • Sharing a spreadsheet with others
  • Collaborating on a spreadsheet with others.
  • Automating tasks in a spreadsheet.
  • Using Google Sheets add-ons.

How to make use of Bard in Google Sheets

By automating tasks, offering real-time suggestions, and guiding you through formula applications, Bard simplifies your Google Sheets experience.

1. Visit the official Bard website

2. Sign in with your Google account (Gmail)

3. Enter your Gmail password to complete the login process.

4. A chat window will appear below the screen, enter a Google Sheets question such as; “How can I calculate the sum of a column?”

5. Bard will respond with suggestions or provide a formula that you can use in your sheet.

Additionally, you can leverage Bard to troubleshoot your spreadsheet by typing in a problem or error message and checking if Bard has a solution.

Interestingly, you can simply copy and paste the formula generated by Bard to your Google Sheets in just a few clicks.

Google Bard Prompt Examples For Google Sheets

I asked Google Bard the following question about Google Sheets and got the response below;

Q: What is the formula for multiplication in Google Sheets?

There are two ways to multiply numbers in Google Sheets:

Using the asterisk (*) operator: This is the most common way to multiply numbers in Google Sheets. To multiply two numbers using the asterisk operator, simply type an asterisk between the two numbers. For example, to multiply the numbers 5 and 3, you would type =5*3.

Using the MULTIPLY function: The MULTIPLY function is a more versatile way to multiply numbers in Google Sheets. The MULTIPLY function can multiply any number of numbers, and it can also multiply cell references. The syntax for the MULTIPLY function is as follows:

=MULTIPLY(number1, number2, ...numberN)
number1, number2, ... numberN are the numbers or cell references that you want to multiply.

For example, to multiply the numbers 5, 3, and 2, you would use the following formula:

=MULTIPLY(5, 3, 2)
The MULTIPLY function will return the product of the numbers or cell references that you specify.

Here are some examples of how to use the asterisk operator and the MULTIPLY function to multiply numbers in Google Sheets:


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Can Bard help with Excel formulas?

Yes, Bard can help with Spreadsheet formulas. You can ask Bard questions in clear language about formulas and get answers.

How Available Is Google’s Bard?

It is available in 3 languages and in over 180 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Mexico, Malaysia, UAE, and Singapore. 

Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

While Google Bard excels at conversations, ChatGPT is more proficient in generating paragraphs, summaries, and other text-based processing tasks.


Google Bard is free!, and with Bard, you can simplify your Google Sheets experience and make your work more efficient and effective.

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