GTA RP – What Is Metagaming?

GTA RP has grown a lot in the world with servers dedicated to the practice of “living” inside GTA Online — understand what it is and how to access it. However, there are certain rules that some players end up not complying with one of them is metagaming.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Below, we explain what metagaming is in GTA RP and how it disrupts the roleplaying experience.

What does metagaming mean?

Metagaming is a term that emerged in tabletop roleplaying, which also has roleplay as one of its bases to be played. The practice is to use information from the real world in creating the story. A practical example is: your character is low on life; a companion notices the situation and rushes to help.

In the “pretend world” of RPG or GTA RP, you don’t have a visible health bar over your head. Therefore using information that the player, not the character, has is considered metagaming.

These are practices that end up breaking the players’ experience and abuse the system to give your character an advantage using information that the player, and not the character, has about the story or events. You might know if some character is good or bad, but your character doesn’t. Therefore, this type of experience, especially in GTA RP, ends up being negative for participants.

How does metagaming hurt GTA RP?

Metagaming harms the fun of all players within the server. (Image: Disclosure/Cidade Alta)

It’s a little simple. Imagine your character is a police officer, and some famous streamer is the bad guy. The streamer decides to carry out a big robbery, he has everything planned and will start in a moment. You’re watching his stream, and well, you decide to disrupt the heist and be the town’s hero. This is a clear example of metagaming and how it affects the play of other server members.

The practice hinders the progress of the players’ interpretation within that universe and the way the server should be played, and this helps to reduce the immersion, and mainly, the fun of the other players. Using the RP’s external information to benefit from it breaks the magic of roleplaying, often resulting in frustrating situations for those involved in the experience.

And if players notice and report the lack of immersion in the game, the server can even ban the participant who practiced metagaming. In any case, if you don’t want to spoil the experience of others, much less risk of not playing, avoid doing this practice while playing GTA RP.

Did you like the explanation? Do you know someone who practices metagaming? Share with your friends before one of them does the same and ends up being punished on the server.

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