6 Best Turkish Soap Operas To Watch On Globoplay

What is the most famous Turkish soap opera? Fans of Turkish soap operas can now celebrate, as Globoplay has confirmed six Turkish soap opera list of more productions that will arrive in the streaming catalog in 2023. After the success of Mãe, released in January, the company decided to invest in titles from Turkey in order to maintain the audience and please fans of the genre.

It is important to keep in mind that the Ciro Bassini-plotted serial surpassed the viewership of the Vai na Fé and Travessia soap operas at seven o’clock and became one of the most popular streaming series ever. In the first three weeks, she had the best start to production in the genre, surpassing the record that until then was held by Mexican Amar a Morte.

With that in mind, find out now which Turkish soap operas to watch on Globoplay in the coming months.

1. Games of Destiny

Originally called Baht Oyunu, the plot of Games of Destiny tells the story of Ada (Cemre Baysel), a young woman who works as a waitress in a fancy restaurant and gets involved with Bora, a businessman who is not very sensitive, played by Aytaç Sasmaz. From then on, many unforeseen events begin to happen in her life, but, despite everything, she remains determined to follow her family tradition.

Launched in 2021, the production was directed by Serdar Gözelekli and will arrive at Globoplay in 2023.

2. Love and Honor

Released on March 6, Amor e Honra tells the story of Yasemin (Melis Sezen), a young woman raised in an orphanage who manages to get into law school while working at an events company. Committed to getting guardianship from her younger brother, Murat (Kerin Tuna Kaba), who still lives at the orphanage, she struggles against life’s adversities.

One day his path crosses with that of Cem (Burak Sevinc), a wealthy businessman who has painful memories of his childhood and has difficulty trusting people. The two then become friends, but an unexpected conflict with an executive from Cem’s company leads to a series of wrongs that hurt Yasemin and make it hard for him to get along with the businessman.

Amor e Honra, which will have 30 episodes dubbed in Portuguese, promises to please genre fans with its many twists and turns.

3. Bitter Land

Originally released in 2018, this soap opera is set in the 1970s and tells the story of the couple formed by Züleyha and Yılmaz, who, in order to escape Istanbul, pretend to be brothers. Destiny takes them to Çukurova, a place in southern Turkey, where they decide to put down roots.

With a typical rural story, the plot mixes romance, family dramas and beautiful landscapes to tell a story of overcoming difficulties. The production has 91 chapters and should arrive at Globoplay in 2023.

4. Hercai: Love and Revenge

Still talking about family dramas, Hercai: Love and Revenge tells the story of Aslanbey and Şadoğlu, two rival families that carry an old feud to the present day. It turns out that Mirian (Akin Akinözü) and Reyyan (Ebru Şahin), members of such families, end up falling in love and living a story filled with love and hate, in the best Romeo and Juliet style.

The production and the two protagonists received awards for Best TV Series and Best Actor / Actress in an Original Series, which aired in Turkey between 2019 and 2021.

5. Mr Wrong

Originally called Bay Yanlis, this telenovela mixes comedy with romance to tell the story of the sweet Ezgi Inal and the womanizing Özgür Atasoy, two young people whose destiny unexpectedly intersects and a series of unexpected events lead them to a fake courtship.

Disillusioned with her love life and shaken by a failed relationship, the girl asks Özgür for help to definitely win over a guy she is in love with. He accepts the proposal, but in exchange, he asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend so that her mother will stop bothering him about marriage matters.

With everything in place, the two begin to live together more frequently, gradually discovering a relationship that goes beyond friendship.

6. Marasli: The Protector

In this 2021 soap opera, we follow Maraşlı (Burak Denis), a retired soldier whose life drastically changes after his daughter is shot. Now that he owns a bookstore, he spends his days surrounded by books and the silence of the space.

But everything changes when the beautiful Mahur (Alina Boz) enters his establishment and, on the same day, is involved in an accident. Maraşlı saves his life, and their fates are forever intertwined.

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