Best Free AI Art Generator Tools For Creative Designs

Is there free AI art generator and which AI art generator is best? These are common questions most people in the creative industry ask in different subreddits. Whether you’re looking for free AI art generator from text, or from photo, you will find this guide helpful.

In today’s world where visual content reigns supreme, stunning and captivating photographs are crucial for social media posts and marketing materials. However, not everyone has the artistic talent or design skills to create such images from scratch. AI picture generators that convert text into images have become an essential tool for anyone looking to quickly and effortlessly produce impressive visuals.

The selection process can be difficult with so many options accessible. AI image generators can help in this situation. By applying cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to produce professional-looking visuals in only seconds, they have revolutionized the way we make photos.

These innovative tools leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to create mesmerizing artworks, blurring the lines between human creativity and artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll explore the top free AI art generators that have captured the imagination of artists, enthusiasts, and creatives worldwide.

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8 best free AI art generator tools

1. is one of the pioneering AI art generators that has gained widespread recognition for its impressive ability to replicate the style of famous artists. Using deep neural networks, this platform allows users to transform their photos into stunning artworks resembling the techniques of renowned painters like Van Gogh, Picasso, and more. The user-friendly interface and a vast collection of artistic styles make a go-to tool for artists seeking to reimagine their images in various artistic forms.

2. RunwayML

RunwayML has emerged as a powerhouse AI art generator, offering an array of creative tools for artists and designers. This versatile platform enables users to experiment with various AI models, from style transfer and text generation to pose estimation and music composition. With RunwayML’s interactive interface and real-time feedback, artists can explore the uncharted territories of AI-generated art with ease.

3. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is an exciting AI-powered platform that allows users to blend and morph different artworks together. Utilizing the concept of genetic algorithms, Artbreeder lets artists create unique compositions by combining the genes of multiple images. This fascinating approach has given rise to a new era of collaborative art, as artists can build upon each other’s work to create mesmerizing visual masterpieces.

4. DoodleMaker

DoodleMaker is an AI art generator that converts simple sketches into fully-fledged artworks. By interpreting and augmenting users’ sketches, the platform breathes life into doodles, turning them into intricate and captivating illustrations. With a vast library of drawing styles and customization options, DoodleMaker empowers artists of all levels to elevate their creations effortlessly.

5. PaintsChainer

PaintsChainer brings a fresh perspective to AI-generated art with its exceptional colorization capabilities. Using deep learning algorithms, this tool automatically adds colors to black-and-white sketches, producing vibrant and lifelike results. Artists can experiment with different color palettes and styles, giving their artwork a unique touch of creativity.

6. Art Transfer by Google

Art Transfer by Google is a user-friendly AI art generator that offers real-time style transfer to images and videos. With a collection of iconic art styles to choose from, users can instantly transform their visuals into masterpieces reminiscent of famous painters and art movements.

7. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is an AI art platform that brings surrealism to the forefront. Inspired by Google’s DeepDream project, this generator uses convolutional neural networks to create mesmerizing and abstract dream-like images. Artists and enthusiasts can explore the imaginative possibilities of AI-generated surrealism with this user-friendly tool.

8. CreateMyPic

CreateMyPic is an innovative AI-powered tool that converts textual descriptions into awe-inspiring artworks. By utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and image synthesis, this platform allows users to visualize their ideas and stories in stunning visual formats, giving rise to a new realm of textual creativity.

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Is there free AI art generator?

The AI art generation app called Starryai is free for visual creation. Their AI will create pieces of art from the text you submit by just following the prompts. The creation of AI art is typically a time-consuming procedure that calls for technological knowledge.

Is there a free version of DALL-E?

Thanks to OpenAI’s generous trial credit program, the DALL-E 2 can be tried without cost. Users who want to generate mass photos using it permanently will need to buy more credits.

Is Jasper AI free?

No, Jasper AI offers two different pricing tiers: For individuals who are just getting started, the Boss Mode plan is ideal. For 50,000 words, this plan starts at $49 per month. For $200–$400 each month, you can increase your word count to 700,000 words.


The world of AI art generation has exploded with creativity, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with digital art. The free AI art generators mentioned above offer a glimpse into the potential of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing artistic expression. Whether you are a professional artist seeking new avenues of inspiration or an enthusiast exploring the realms of creativity, these AI-powered platforms provide an exciting canvas to unleash your

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