10 Best Free AI Image Generators Online

Are you looking for the best AI image generator or wondering what are the alternatives to Dall-E? Search no further, because we’ve got the best AI image generator without restrictions on our list. From free AI drawing tools, AI avatar generators, and AI image diffusion to a full-fledged AI artist and anything in between.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the field of image generation, providing a powerful tool for artists, designers, and other creative professionals to explore new forms of expression. With the rise of AI, there are now many free AI image generators available online that allow users to create stunning and unique images with ease. 

These tools use machine learning algorithms to generate images from text descriptions or other inputs, allowing users to experiment with different styles, colors, and shapes. 

We will reveal to you, the best free AI image generators available today, including DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Artbreeder, and more. Whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, these tools offer endless possibilities for exploring the creative potential of AI.

Best AI Image Generators Free

Do you want an AI image generator that is best for people with no experience in designing? You will find the following free ai art generator from text very helpful.

1. DALL-E 2 by OpenAI

OpenAI has developed DALL-E 2, a remarkable AI image generator that is available for free. This advanced system has the ability to generate high-resolution images based on textual descriptions. DALL-E 2 is an enhanced version of the original DALL-E, which was initially introduced in January 2021. Compared to its predecessor, DALL-E 2 offers significant improvements, producing images that are more realistic, accurate, and boast four times greater resolution.

With its powerful capabilities, DALL-E 2 can combine various concepts, attributes, and styles to create original and lifelike images and artwork based on text inputs. In terms of user preferences, when evaluators compared both models, DALL-E 2 emerged as the preferred choice, with 71.7% favoring it for caption matching.

The creative applications of DALL-E 2 span across diverse professional fields, attracting a wide range of creative professionals. Among the users of DALL-E are illustrators, AR designers, authors, chefs, landscape architects, tattoo artists, clothing designers, directors, sound designers, dancers, and many more. This list continues to expand with each passing day, showcasing the broad appeal and versatility of DALL-E 2.

DALL-E 2 incorporates OpenAI’s CLIP image recognition system, providing users with the ability to select and modify specific regions of existing images. This includes adding or removing elements, enabling users to exercise greater control and customization over the generated images.

2. Midjourney

Midjourney is an innovative AI image program and service provided by Midjourney, Inc., an independent research lab headquartered in San Francisco. This platform offers a free and user-friendly experience for generating images using generative AI technology. Similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, Midjourney utilizes natural language descriptions known as “prompts” to generate images.

The primary objective of Midjourney is to push the boundaries of creative thought and expand the imaginative capabilities of humanity. As a self-funded team, they comprise 11 dedicated full-time staff members along with a group of advisors who contribute to their endeavors.

With Midjourney’s AI, users can generate a set of four images based on their prompts. Additionally, the platform provides an option to redo the entire process in order to obtain a fresh set of images. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to upscale one of the four generated pictures to enhance its resolution and quality.

Midjourney goes beyond image generation and also offers a chat box feature. Within this chat box, users can simply type “/describe” to describe an image, and in return, they will receive the corresponding generated image from the AI.

3. DreamStudio AI

DreamStudio, an online creative tool, provides users with a free and AI-powered platform for image generation. It is developed by Stability.ai, a generative AI company known for its expertise in open-source AI models and tools. With DreamStudio, users gain access to a diverse range of AI models such as OpenAI’s DALL-E, GPT-3, Midjourney, and more, expanding the creative possibilities.

To generate images, users can either input text prompts of their own or choose from a selection of pre-existing prompts. DreamStudio goes beyond mere image generation by offering a comprehensive set of editing tools. These tools empower users to customize the generated images to their liking, enabling adjustments to colors, application of filters, and more.

As a web-based platform, DreamStudio provides the convenience of accessibility from any internet-connected device. It caters specifically to creative professionals, including artists, designers, writers, and others who seek to explore and experiment with AI-generated images, integrating them into their artistic and professional endeavors.

 4. ArtBreeder AI

Artbreeder, an online platform developed by Joel Simon, a programmer, and artist from San Francisco, provides users with a free and interactive experience to generate and modify images using advanced machine learning algorithms. With Artbreeder, users can explore the capabilities of models like StyleGAN and BigGAN to generate a wide variety of images, including faces, landscapes, paintings, and more.

The platform offers users the ability, to begin with an existing image and make modifications by adjusting various parameters such as age, gender, and facial features. Furthermore, users can combine multiple images to create unique hybrid compositions. Artbreeder allows users to save and share their creations, facilitating collaboration and inspiration among the community of users.

Artbreeder formerly known as Ganbreeder not only encourages individual creativity but also fosters a sense of community. Through its community feature, users can browse and remix images created by other users, stimulating collaboration and artistic exploration. It serves as a valuable tool for artists, designers, and creative professionals who wish to experiment with AI-generated images and integrate them into their artistic projects.

5. Fotor

Fotor, an exceptional online photo editing and design tool, provides users with a wide array of features to edit and enhance their images. Offering a seamless user experience, Fotor also incorporates AI-powered photo editing tools that enable users to effortlessly enhance their photos with a single click.

Fotor encompasses a comprehensive set of editing tools, ranging from basic adjustments like cropping, resizing, and rotation, to more advanced features such as color correction, retouching, and background removal. The platform further extends its utility by providing an extensive collection of design templates, catering to various needs such as creating social media posts, banners, and other graphic materials.

Moreover, Fotor incorporates additional creative tools, including a collage maker, allowing users to create captivating collages effortlessly. The platform also boasts an AI image generator, enabling users to generate images based on text descriptions, adding a touch of innovation to the creative process.

Designed to cater to both casual users and professional designers, Fotor offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking an accessible yet powerful tool for editing and enhancing images. Fotor is available as a web-based tool, accessible from any internet-connected device, and as a convenient mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices.

6. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an impressive online image enhancement tool that harnesses the power of AI algorithms to elevate the quality and resolution of images. With a range of intuitive features, including upscaling, color correction, and noise reduction, Let’s Enhance empowers users to enhance their images effortlessly. This tool excels at removing JPEG artifacts and enhancing image clarity, resulting in visually striking results.

Catering to photographers, designers, and creative professionals, Let’s Enhance offers a seamless solution for enhancing image quality without the need for extensive post-processing efforts. It saves valuable time while ensuring the images reach their full potential.

In addition to its accessible online tool, Let’s Enhance extends its functionality through an API that can be seamlessly integrated into other software applications. This allows users to leverage the image enhancement capabilities within their existing workflows.

Let’s Enhance is available as both a convenient web-based tool, accessible from any internet-connected device, and as a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices. This versatility ensures that users can enhance their images on the go, wherever creativity strikes.

7. NeauralStyler

NeuralStyler is cutting-edge software driven by artificial intelligence, designed to transform videos and photos into stunning works of art. By harnessing the distinctive styles of renowned artists like Van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, and Georges Seurat, it can produce visually captivating results. With its versatility, NeuralStyler provides users with the power to unleash their creativity.

A single-user license for NeuralStyler is ordinarily priced at $250 USD. However, for a limited time, it is available at an exclusive offer price of $130 USD. This remarkable discount presents an exceptional opportunity for art enthusiasts and professionals alike to acquire this remarkable software.

NeuralStyler facilitates both CPU and GPU processing, allowing users to leverage their available hardware for efficient performance. Moreover, it offers the convenience of offline usage, granting artists the freedom to explore and transform their visuals without requiring an internet connection.

To further enhance artistic possibilities, NeuralStyler enables users to download and install custom styles. By simply adding them to the styles folder, artists can expand their creative horizons and create unique and personalized artworks using the NeuralStyler platform.

8. DeepArt.io

DeepArt.io was a revolutionary AI-powered image generator that provided users with the ability to effortlessly transform their photos into captivating artworks. By leveraging a sophisticated algorithm, this platform offered a unique feature that allowed users to apply diverse art styles to their uploaded images. The algorithm redraws an image by incorporating the stylistic elements of another chosen image, resulting in visually stunning creations.

The platform provided users with a wide range of predefined art styles to choose from, ensuring a rich variety of artistic transformations. Additionally, users had the option to upload their own style images, granting them the freedom to express their creativity and preferences.

Upon submission of the photo and selected style, DeepArt.io initiated the image processing procedure. Once completed, users would receive an email containing the finished artwork, ready to be admired and shared.

However, since the time of this search, it appears that the DeepArt.io website has unfortunately ceased its operations, rendering the platform currently unavailable.

9. Remove.bg

Remove.bg is a convenient website and app that harnesses the power of AI to swiftly and automatically eliminate backgrounds from images. Users can effortlessly upload their images to the website or app, and in a mere five seconds, Remove.bg skillfully erases the background, ensuring a clean and professional result.

For individual images, the service is completely free to use. However, Remove.bg also provides paid plans for those requiring batch processing and API access, catering to users with higher volume needs or specialized integration requirements. This flexibility allows individuals and businesses to choose the option that best aligns with their unique demands.

In addition to removing backgrounds, users have the option to make the background transparent or insert a new background of their choosing, enabling further customization and creative possibilities.

Furthermore, Remove.bg goes beyond its standalone service by offering an API and seamless integrations with renowned software like Adobe Photoshop. This integration capability enhances workflow efficiency, making it even more convenient for users to incorporate Remove.bg’s background removal capabilities into their existing digital toolkit.

10. Waifu Labs

Waifu Labs is an innovative website that harnesses the power of AI to craft unique anime-style portraits tailored to each user’s preferences. By employing a cutting-edge technology called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), Waifu Labs generates captivating portraits that encompass the user’s desired characteristics.

Through an intuitive interface, users have the freedom to select various options, including hair color, eye shape, and clothing style, to shape their personalized portrait. This level of customization ensures that each creation reflects the user’s distinct vision and aesthetic preferences.

The website provides free access to its services, enabling users to effortlessly generate their portraits. Once generated, users have the option to download their portraits for personal use or share them on social media platforms, allowing for easy sharing and appreciation within the community.

For developers seeking to integrate this remarkable service into their own applications, Waifu Labs offers an API. This developer-friendly feature enables seamless integration, empowering developers to incorporate the unique anime-style portrait generation into their own projects, and amplifying the possibilities for creative expression and user engagement.


The world of AI image generators offers a plethora of opportunities for individuals to explore their creativity and transform their digital assets. Among the many options available, we picked the best of the AI image generation tools with a cool user-friendly interface, quick processing times, and the ability to make backgrounds transparent or add new ones making it a top choice for users seeking seamless image generation and manipulation experience.

These best free AI image generators not only demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence in image processing but also highlight the importance of user-friendly interfaces, customization options, and integration capabilities. As technology continues to evolve, these platforms pave the way for even more exciting developments in AI image generation, empowering users to unlock their creativity and transform their digital experiences.

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Reference: Featured image credit: Fotor.

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