10 Best AI Face Generators For Selfies

What is the best AI generator with your face that can generate realistic photos?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a catalyst for creativity, transforming the way we envision characters and faces. AI face generators have emerged as powerful tools that enable artists, designers, and enthusiasts to create lifelike and diverse faces with ease. 

Whether we are aware of it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated many facets of our daily life. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized several industries and made life so much easier, from banking to education to healthcare. Face generators are one such excellent example of the use of AI.

Unquestionably a marvel of contemporary technology and a demonstration of its progress, AI-powered face generators. These AI-powered platforms can produce realistic portraits, anime-style characters, and even entirely novel faces, unlocking new dimensions of artistic expression.

In this article, we explore the 10 best AI face generators that are revolutionizing the world of character design and storytelling.

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Best AI face generators online free and premium

1. MakeGirlsMoe

MakeGirlsMoe is a specialized AI face generator that focuses on creating anime-style female characters. It offers a range of customization options for facial features, hairstyles, and clothing.

2. Artbreeder

Artbreeder stands out as one of the most versatile AI face generators. Powered by genetic algorithms, Artbreeder allows users to blend and crossbreed facial features, creating unique and lifelike portraits. From realistic humans to fantastical beings, Artbreeder’s capabilities are limited only by the user’s imagination.

3. CharaGumin

CharaGumin is an AI face generator designed explicitly for anime-style character creation. It simplifies the process of designing anime characters, allowing users to mix and match different facial expressions, hair, and attire.

4. Artbreeder Celebrities

Artbreeder Celebrities takes Artbreeder’s concept a step further by allowing users to blend and crossbreed the facial features of famous celebrities. It’s a fun way to create imaginative and unique celebrity mashups.

5. This Person Does Not Exist

This Person Does Not Exist utilizes AI-powered Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to generate photorealistic human faces. Each time users refresh the page, they encounter a new face that does not belong to any real person but is astonishingly lifelike.

6. Faceswap Live

Faceswap Live is an AI face generator specifically designed for fun and entertainment. It allows users to superimpose their faces onto various characters or swap faces with friends in real time.

7. Realistic Avatar Creator

Realistic Avatar Creator offers an AI-driven platform to design realistic human faces. Users can choose from an extensive range of facial features and modify them to create lifelike and unique avatars.

8. DeepArt.io

DeepArt.io is not just an AI face generator; it is an all-encompassing art platform. Users can upload photos or sketches, and the AI transforms them into beautiful portraits or paintings in various styles, demonstrating the synergy of AI and artistic creativity.

9. GANSpace

GANSpace is an AI face generator that provides users with interactive controls over facial features. By manipulating sliders, users can modify attributes like age, gender, and facial expressions, offering an engaging and creative experience.

10. Waifu Labs

Waifu Labs specializes in anime-style character generation. Users can customize various facial features, hairstyles, and accessories to create their ideal anime characters or “waifus.”

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What AI face generator is everyone using?

The fact that Bing Image Creator uses OpenAI’s most recent DALL-E technology makes it the greatest overall AI image creator. Similar to DALL-E 2, Bing Image Creator can produce high-quality photographs in a matter of seconds while balancing accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

What app to use for AI face?

FaceApp is a fantastic tool for elevating your selfies to new levels. With this software, you may add entertaining extras like hats or glasses and utilize different filters to instantly alter the appearance of your face.

Which AI is best for face swap?

Reface. Another well-known face-swapping video program that has been around for a while is called Reface.


AI face generators have become invaluable tools for artists, designers, and enthusiasts seeking to expand their creative horizons. The top ten AI face generators listed in this article demonstrate how creativity and machine learning can coexist.

From realistic portraits to anime-style characters and everything in between, these AI tools are reshaping character design and storytelling. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect even more innovative and specialized AI face generators that cater to specific styles, genres, and artistic visions.

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