xAI – The New Elon Musk AI Firm

Many people who saw Elon Musk’s opinion about AI on Sky News where he said that “AI is not necessary for anything we’re doing” will be surprised about Elon Musk’s newly launched AI company called xAI.

However, Elon Musk has been vocal about his concerns regarding the potential risks of AI, and has called for the development of AI systems that are transparent, safe, and beneficial for humanity.

Musk has also been involved in the development of Tesla’s Autopilot system, which is a semi-autonomous driving system that uses AI to assist drivers. The system has been designed with safety in mind, and Musk has emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in the development of autonomous driving technology.

Today, we will talk more about the Elon Musk AI, the xAI.

What is XAI by Elon Musk?

xAI by Elon Must is built to better understand reality. The formation of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe. A team of 12 developers currently led by Elon Musk is the brain behind this groundbreaking project.

Names of the team members behind the Elon Musk AI

The following persons are solidly behind the xAI project and are currently advised by Dan Hendrycks who is the Direct at the Center for AI safety (safe.ai).

  • Elon Musk
  • Igor Babuschkin
  • Manuel Kroiss
  • Yuhuai (Tony) Wu
  • Christian Szegedy
  • Jimmy Ba
  • Toby Pohlen
  • Ross Nordeen
  • Kyle Kosic
  • Greg Yang
  • Guodong Zhang
  • Zihang Dai

The listed xAI team members publicly announced on the xAI website that they previously worked at the following institutions; Google Research, DeepMind, OpenAI, Microsoft Research, Tesla, and the University of Toronto. 

How to join the xAI team

If you’re an experienced AI engineer or researcher, the xAI team led by Elon Musk is inviting you to join their technical unit in Bay Area and give your best to the development of AI that understands the true nature of the universe. To help the team reach their mission, you can apply here.


Does Elon Musk have his own AI?

Yes, the straightforward answer is xAI with the goal to understand the true nature of the universe.

What is the xAI stock price?

As of the time of making this post, there’s no publicly known stock market for the xAI by Elon Musk. However, we will keep updating this content to reflect the current price once it becomes available.

What is the Twitter handle of xAI?

The official Twitter handle of xAI is @xai where you can read their recent tweets and join their Twitter space chat.


The Elon Musk xAI is commonly mistaken for XAI which stands for Explainable Artificial Intelligence which is an AI model with core transparency to help people understand the decision-making process of the AI they use. Although the new AI by Elon Musk might adopt such models, we strongly believe there’s a difference between XAI and what the Elon Musk xAI team is building.

What do you think about the new AI by Elon Musk, is the Elon Must Universe AI with goal of understanding the true nature of AI lead to a shift in the upward trend of the AI industry or bring drawbacks? Feel free to share your opinions with us using the comment box below.

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