Why Does Chat GPT Need A Phone Number?

Have you been wondering why ChatGPT requires a phone number to be accessed? The requirement for a phone number during ChatGPT signup is for security reasons. Although you can bypass Chat GPT phone number verification by using other ChatGPT-powered AI tools that do not require phone number verification.

The company behind ChatGPT AI tool, OpenAI implemented phone number verification to ensure that ChatGPT signups are done by real humans and not bots. With this, they can achieve a clean ecosystem of real users who want to harness the power of generative AI.

We will further break down the reasons behind phone number verification for ChatGPT, let’s dive in…

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Why does ChatGPT need phone verification?

The inclusion of a phone number requirement during the Chat GPT sign-up process is motivated by several key factors. Here are some of the predominant rationales:

1. Verification: A phone number is essential for verifying the authenticity of users, differentiating between genuine individuals and automated bots. This verification mechanism serves to curtail spam and misuse within the platform.

2. Security: The mandate for a phone number bolsters the sign-up process with an additional layer of security. This safeguard impedes spammers and hackers from creating fraudulent accounts and exploiting the platform for malicious intentions.

3. Personalization: Leveraging a user’s phone number enables Chat GPT to personalize the chat experience. For instance, the platform can in the future dispatch notifications or updates directly to the user’s phone, or it can employ the provided number to offer more precise recommendations.

4. Support Contact: Users can utilize their registered phone numbers to reach out to support when faced with issues on the platform. This facilitates expedited problem resolution, allowing Chat GPT to offer prompt assistance.

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Is it possible to utilize ChatGPT without providing a phone number?

Microsoft’s search engine has introduced its own iteration of ChatGPT, which allows usage without the necessity of phone number verification. Instead, you will require a Microsoft account; however, unlike the registration process with OpenAI, you can acquire a Microsoft account using a VoIP phone number, such as those obtainable through services like Google Voice.

What are the requirements for a ChatGPT account?

To gain entry and utilize ChatGPT, you must first establish an account on the OpenAI website, and the process comes at no cost. If you haven’t previously created an account, select ‘Sign up,’ and then proceed to input your details as guided. It’s worth noting that OpenAI mandates the inclusion of a legitimate phone number for verification purposes when creating an account on their website.

What is the procedure for logging into ChatGPT using a mobile number?

For accessing ChatGPT, the process involves setting up an OpenAI account using both an email address and a phone number. The ChatGPT page and chat functionality can then be accessed solely using the provided OpenAI credentials. OpenAI’s rationale for collecting phone numbers and email addresses, as stated on their website, is primarily rooted in security considerations.

When does “excessive phone verification attempts” occur in ChatGPT?

This error might arise if you repeatedly attempt to verify the same phone number within a brief span. Additionally, encountering this error message is possible when a considerable number of users attempt to access ChatGPT simultaneously or if numerous accounts have been created using the same phone number.


The inclusion of a phone number requirement during Chat GPT’s sign-up process serves several crucial purposes. Foremost, it serves as a means of verification, guaranteeing the authenticity of users by confirming their human status rather than automated bots. This demand for a phone number also fortifies the platform’s security, actively thwarting instances of spam and misuse.

Furthermore, the utilization of a phone number facilitates advantageous features like personalization and streamlined access to support services. Although some users might harbor reservations about divulging personal data to the chatbot, the advantages of providing a phone number generally surpass the potential risks.

However, the stipulation of a phone number as part of Chat GPT’s registration process aligns with standard practices observed in numerous online services, culminating in an enhanced and secure user experience.

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