When Will ChatGPT History Be Restored?

Did your ChatGPT chat history disappear?

Many of the Chat GPT users might have in the past lost their chat history and would want to know how to get it restored. I hope this article becomes useful to such users.

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC) model created by OpenAI, has gained substantial recognition for its adeptness in tackling intricate language comprehension and generation tasks through conversational interactions. Nevertheless, an unforeseen incident occurred in March 2023, when a bug disrupted the chat history feature of ChatGPT. This glitch inadvertently revealed concise descriptions of other users’ conversations with individuals using the service.

This disruption has sparked inquiries among users regarding the timeline for ChatGPT history reinstatement and the process for recovering lost chat history. To address this scenario, the objective of this article is to delve into the present state of ChatGPT history recovery efforts and to offer guidance to users on retrieving their misplaced chat history.

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How To Restore ChatGPT History

1. Validate Internet Connection: Confirm a stable internet connection since ChatGPT necessitates active connectivity. If your chat session was interrupted due to a connectivity issue, previous chats might not be visible.

2. Exploit Browsing History: Launch your web browser and click the three dots on the upper-right corner. Access “History” to unveil your browsing history. Employ the search bar to locate entries like “chat.openai.com” or “ChatGPT” to locate your chat history.

3. Employ Ublock Plugin: For manual restoration via Ublock plugin, install it and access the dashboard (cogwheel icon) > my filters. Add “||chat.openai.com/backend-api/accounts/check$xhr,domain=chat.openai.com”. Apply changes and refresh your browser; this should revive your conversations.

4. Seek OpenAI Support: If prior methods prove ineffective, contacting OpenAI support is an option. They can offer guidance on restoring chat history, potentially addressing the issue.

Thus, it’s advisable to periodically back up your chat history to prevent the loss of critical conversations.

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What might be the reason for ChatGPT’s history not being displayed?

It’s possible that your inability to access ChatGPT history is linked to a browser-related concern. If you’re utilizing Google Chrome for ChatGPT, consider experimenting with alternative browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. This shift could determine whether you can successfully access your conversation history.

Is it possible to recover ChatGPT history?

ChatGPT sends your conversations to the email address associated with your ChatGPT account. If you engage in conversations using a specific email address, utilize this method to regain access to your chats. Browse through your inbox or even the spam folder to locate the pertinent conversations and ensure they remain saved.

Is chat history retained by ChatGPT even after deletion?

Removing saved conversations is straightforward—simply pick the desired prompt and click on the trash icon. While deleted conversations might no longer be visible to you, OpenAI could still retain access to your chats.


The process of restoring ChatGPT history can present challenges, particularly if a backup of your chat history is unavailable. Nonetheless, several measures exist to reclaim lost chat history. Verifying your internet connection, leveraging browsing history, and utilizing plugins such as Ublock are avenues for history retrieval. Should these approaches prove unsuccessful, OpenAI support can provide additional aid. It’s crucial to recognize that the restoration of ChatGPT history isn’t assured, and the retrieval of lost chat history might not be feasible in all scenarios. As a preventive measure, it’s advisable to consistently back up your chat history, safeguarding against the loss of pivotal conversations.

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