What Is PentestGPT And What It Is Use For?

Is PentestGPT a program powered by ChatGPT that automates penetration testing and provides guidance to testers in an interactive mode. Is penetration testing a crucial process for assessing the security of systems and networks? Let’s find out

PentestGPT stands as a robust tool for penetration testing, streamlining the process of assessing vulnerabilities within computer systems and networks. Leveraging the prowess of ChatGPT, an AI language model, this tool functions interactively, offering guidance to penetration testers on both overarching progress and specific procedures.

Through PentestGPT, individuals can engage in simulated cyber assaults on computer systems and networks, enabling a comprehensive assessment of security levels and the pinpointing of potential vulnerabilities. The tool encompasses modules for both test generation and reasoning, facilitating the generation of precise commands for penetration testing execution, while providing step-by-step direction. Ultimately, PentestGPT serves as an advanced solution, aiding security experts in the early identification and resolution of vulnerabilities, preempting potential exploitation by malicious actors.

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How to use PentestGPT – a step-by-step guide

To utilize PentestGPT, access to ChatGPT Plus is necessary, leveraging the GPT-4 model for high-quality reasoning. As there isn’t a public GPT-4 API available yet, a wrapper for ChatGPT sessions has been integrated to support PentestGPT. Below are the general steps for employing PentestGPT:

1. Install PentestGPT by adhering to the instructions outlined in the documentation.

2. Complete the userAgent field with your specific user agent.

3. If you’re utilizing the API, input your OpenAI API key within the chatgpt_config.py file.

4. To ensure proper configuration of the connection, you can execute python3 test_connection.py.

5. Commence PentestGPT by initiating pentestgpt –args.

6. Adhere to the prompts and execute the provided commands from PentestGPT to perform simulated cyberattacks on computer systems and networks.


What is the role of a penetration tester?

Penetration testing, also known as a pen test, involves a sanctioned simulated assault executed on a computer system to assess its security. Penetration testers employ identical tools, methods, and procedures to those utilized by attackers, aiming to identify and illustrate the potential business consequences stemming from vulnerabilities within a system.

Is coding part of a pen tester’s tasks?

Advanced pen testers frequently engage in on-the-fly scripting using languages like Python. Coding tasks typically become prominent after approximately 5 years of experience, while code analysis might be integrated earlier, often around the 3-year experience mark.

Is penetration testing a tool utilized by hackers?

Although ethical hackers employ penetration testing to pinpoint system vulnerabilities and assess the potential risk posed by cyberattacks to an organization, it’s worth noting that penetration testing is merely one of the various tools they utilize.


PentestGPT emerges as a robust penetration testing solution, meticulously designed to automate the evaluation of vulnerabilities within computer systems and networks. Anchored upon ChatGPT, an AI language model, it functions interactively, serving as a guiding hand for penetration testers in their overall progression and specific maneuvers. Serving as an advanced instrument, PentestGPT equips security professionals with the means to preemptively detect and resolve vulnerabilities, thwarting potential exploitation by malicious actors. Armed with the capacity to generate precise commands for penetration testing and offer step-by-step guidance, PentestGPT stands as a valuable asset for those seeking to enhance the security of their computer systems and networks.

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