What Is Otter AI? Automatic Meeting Notes And Real Time Transcription

Otter AI stands as an innovative transcription software, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to transform spoken discussions into intelligent notes that are effortlessly searchable and shareable.

Through its cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, Otter AI has asserted itself as a prominent figure in the domain of speech-to-text transcription. It extends an array of features and choices to users aiming to enhance their note-taking and transcription workflows. Within the scope of this discourse, we shall delve into the essence of Otter AI, decode its operational mechanisms, and unravel the reasons behind its resonance among both professionals and students.

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How Otter AI works

Employing sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, Otter AI undertakes the task of transcribing spoken discussions into intelligent notes. When a user utilizes Otter AI to record a conversation, the software engages in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to convert spoken content into written text. This software has undergone rigorous training on an expansive repository of speech data, thereby equipping it with heightened accuracy in recognizing and transcribing speech.

Furthermore, Otter AI possesses the capability to distinguish between distinct speakers, simplifying the process of attributing remarks to specific individuals within a conversation. Beyond transcription, Otter AI boasts a repertoire of features encompassing automated summaries, key takeaways, and real-time collaboration, elevating its prowess as a potent tool for both professionals and students.

How to use Otter AI

1. Create an account on the Otter AI website https://otter.ai or download the Otter AI app on your device.

2. Upon logging in, initiate recording by selecting the “Record” button to commence capturing your conversation.

3. Speak clearly and ensure optimal audio quality to facilitate accurate transcription.

4. Upon completion of recording, Otter AI will automatically transmute your conversation into text form.

5. Review the transcribed content to ensure precision and make any required edits.

6. Harness the available features, such as automated summaries, key takeaways, and real-time collaboration, to further enhance your notes.

7. Save or export your notes in alignment with your needs.

And there you have it! With these straightforward steps, you’re poised to embark on utilizing Otter AI to transcribe your spoken interactions, creating intelligent notes that are readily searchable and shareable.

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Is Otter.ai available for free?

Certainly, you can access Otter with a set of limited features through the Basic plan without any cost. However, should you require more comprehensive functionality, we have designed two premium plans (Pro and Business). To facilitate your decision-making, we’ve formulated a table juxtaposing plans and features, accompanied by a pricing guide for further insights.

Is Otter.ai a credible entity?

Otter.ai is a legitimate organization headquartered in the United States. Boasting a substantial user community spanning individuals, enterprises, and educational establishments, the company harnesses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to deliver precise and effective transcription services.

What’s the timeframe for Otter AI to transcribe?

Otter.ai typically completes the transcription of a 15-minute audio file within approximately five to six minutes. The resulting transcripts are generally highly accurate, with only minor nuances possibly omitted. This feature renders it well-suited for tasks like dictation, maintaining records, and transcribing meeting recordings.

Does Zoom employ Otter AI?

Otter.ai facilitates seamless integration with Zoom by enabling users to automatically sync their Zoom cloud recordings and transcribe them. Once your Zoom meetings conclude and the cloud recording finalizes processing, the meeting’s audio content is automatically transcribed and archived within the “My Conversations” section.


Otter AI stands as a potent and groundbreaking transcription software, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of note-taking and transcription endeavors. Through its advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing proficiencies, Otter AI has risen to prominence within the sphere of speech-to-text transcription, presenting an array of features and choices for users seeking to refine their note-taking and transcription workflows.

Adaptable to both professionals and students, Otter AI offers an extensive feature set, encompassing automated summaries, key takeaways, and real-time collaboration, thereby enabling users to further amplify their notes. On the whole, Otter AI emerges as a robust and user-centric tool that has transformed the landscape of note-taking and transcription, and its trajectory indicates that it will remain a significant force in the years to come.

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