What Is FreedomGPT And How Does It Operate?

FreedomGPT, an open-source AI language model, stands at the forefront of transforming human-machine interactions. Developed by Age of AI Capital LLC, an Austin-based AI venture firm, FreedomGPT is driven by core principles of privacy, neutrality, and customization. Leveraging the LLaMA and Alpaca open-source models, it is nurtured and hosted by CellStrat AI Research Lab. The capabilities of FreedomGPT extend to generating text, language translation, and answering queries, rendering it a versatile tool with diverse applications.

In the realm of AI, FreedomGPT leads the way by presenting a chatbot that not only comprehends users’ input but also respects their privacy and freedom of speech. Its powerful technology and unwavering commitment to privacy and customization redefine the nature of human-machine interactions, spearheading a revolution in the way we engage with machines.

How does FreedomGPT work?

FreedomGPT derives its foundation from the LLaMA and Alpaca open-source models, extensively trained on vast datasets to yield responses resembling human-like communication. The model is multifaceted, capable of generating text, translating languages, and answering questions with proficiency. Notably, unlike other GPTs, FreedomGPT ensures absolute privacy and is devoid of censorship. As an open-source AI language model, it encompasses both open and closed-source attributes. The 7B variant serves purposes of both inference and tuning. Moreover, it integrates Alpaca’s characteristics, rendering it more comprehensible and adaptable.

CellStrat AI Research Lab hosts FreedomGPT, and it is accessible to anyone seeking to employ its capabilities. With its potent technology and unwavering commitment to privacy and customization, FreedomGPT signifies a transformative shift in our interactions with machines.

Uses of FreedomGPT

1. Content Creation: FreedomGPT empowers users to effortlessly generate engaging content for blogs, social media, and marketing materials.

2. Customer Service: Harness the capabilities of FreedomGPT to develop intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants, providing exceptional customer support and addressing queries effectively.

3. Language Translation: Benefit from FreedomGPT’s exceptional language translation capabilities, facilitating seamless communication for businesses operating globally.

4. Question Answering: Unlock the potential of FreedomGPT in answering questions on diverse subjects, making it a valuable resource for education and information dissemination.

5. Personalization: Tailor FreedomGPT to cater responses based on user preferences, elevating the user experience with personalized interactions.

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Wondering how to utilize Freedom GPT effectively?

To get started with Freedom GPT, there are two options available. You can opt for the desktop app, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Alternatively, you can access the web app directly from any web browser.

Once you have the app installed or have accessed the web version, using Freedom GPT is a breeze. Simply begin by typing in your desired prompt, and the AI will do the rest.

Is it possible to use Freedom GPT on a phone?

Certainly! To begin, head over to Google Play and download the Freedom app. After installation, log in using your Freedom account email and password. This will add your Android device to your account. The Freedom for Android app functions by selectively blocking phone apps and websites according to your preferences.

Who created freedom GPT?

Freedom GPT was created by Age of AI, LLC, and it is an AI chatbot platform hosted at FreedomGPT.com. This innovative chatbot is fully uncensored and guarantees privacy for its users. Age of AI, LLC launched this exceptional AI chatbot to deliver a unique and unrestricted conversational experience.


FreedomGPT stands as a potent open-source AI language model, reshaping our interactions with machines. Built upon the foundation of LLaMA and Alpaca open-source models, it excels in generating text, translating languages, and answering queries. Notably, FreedomGPT sets itself apart by ensuring complete privacy and eliminating censorship, setting a new standard among GPTs.

Its versatility knows no bounds, serving as a valuable asset for content creation, customer service, language translation, question answering, and personalized responses. Empowered by cutting-edge technology and a firm commitment to privacy and customization, FreedomGPT emerges as a revolutionary force, transforming our interactions with machines. Whether for businesses or individuals, it proves to be an exceptional tool with far-reaching implications.

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