Ways To Improve WhatsApp Status Quality

Are you looking for how to upload high-quality pictures on WhatsApp status? We will be glad to show you the best ways to upload pictures and videos on your WhatsApp status without quality loss.

When you post photos and/or videos on WhatsApp status, the platform compresses the files. It’s standard procedure. The idea is to make them lighter, so they don’t eat up too much of your internet or take too long to upload. But this compression can degrade the image quality.

In some cases, the status comes out with a sort of blurry or pixelated effect after going through compression. However, there are ways for you to circumvent both the feature and other possible causes of quality loss. We will show you four tips to improve the quality of your WhatsApp status.

1. Clean your camera

To start, let’s go over the obvious: as you rub your phone on different surfaces (hands, clothes, tables, etc.), camera lenses get dirty. There’s no mystery here, just wrap the tip of a finger in a tissue and gently clean the lens. The improvement is instantaneous and takes 30 seconds.

2. Swipe through Instagram stories before posting

Now, let’s go to the dribbles. Instagram also compresses photos and videos before releasing them in Stories, but the loss of quality is less pronounced, depending on your cell phone model. Therefore, the tip is to play the content in stories first, then download it from there and put it in WhatsApp statuses. You don’t even need to post. You can even use Insta filters (and other tools) to add charm to your statuses.

3. Use some app to compress files

Do you know the tip of going through stories first, to use Instagram compression? It’s the same procedure, but in some other application that also does this. For example, InShot (available for Android and iPhone). In it, add to edit photos, and you can choose the resolution before saving video clips. In this case, remember WhatsApp limits for statuses: 30 seconds, 16 MB.

4. Post status from a conversation

Finally, instead of using the status camera or posting something straight from your gallery, you add a scale: some conversation. But the trick is when you send the content as an attachment in the chat because then WhatsApp doesn’t compress it.

To do this, you need to choose “document”, instead of “gallery” (on Android) or “photos and videos” (on iPhone). Thus, Whats pulls the contents of your cell phone’s file manager. On Android, they automatically appear in the manager. On the iPhone, you need to make them available in the Files app first. See below how to do this:

How to transfer photos and videos to the Files app on iPhone

  • Open the Photos app
  • Tap the “share” icon
  • Choose “Save to Files”

Afterward, just open the content in the conversation, tap share, and choose your status as the final destination.

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