The Last Clockwinder VR Gameplay

The world of virtual reality has come a long way in recent years, and with it, the gaming industry has also evolved. One such game that has made waves in the VR gaming community is The Last Clockwinder. The Last Clockwinder is an exciting puzzle-adventure game made by an independent studio called Virtual Horizons. It takes players on a thrilling journey through a fantastical world.

The game is set in a clockwork universe where time is running out. Players take on the role of an apprentice Clockwinder whose job it is to keep the clock running. The game is made to be played in VR, which lets players get lost in the beautiful world, talk to the characters, and solve tricky puzzles.

The Last Clockwinder is built on a beautiful and detailed world that comes to life in VR. The game’s unique and charming art style, coupled with an enchanting soundtrack, draws players into the world of clockwork and sets the tone for the adventure that awaits.

The gameplay of The Last Clockwinder revolves around solving puzzles and exploring the game’s world. To move through the game’s story, players must find their way through different clockwork mechanisms, solve puzzles, and talk to NPCs. The game’s mechanics are intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible to players of all skill levels.

One of the game’s most impressive features is its attention to detail. The world of The Last Clockwinder is filled with intricate clockwork mechanisms that players can interact with. Every puzzle in the game is unique and requires a different approach, adding to the game’s overall replayability.

The Last Clockwinder is a relatively short game, with an average playtime of around 3–4 hours. However, the game’s short length is a testament to the developers’ focus on quality over quantity. Every aspect of the game, from the art style to the puzzles, has been finely crafted to create an immersive and memorable experience.

Is The Last Clockwinder worth it?

Whether The Last Clockwinder is worth it or not depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a game. However, if you are a fan of puzzle-adventure games, then The Last Clockwinder is definitely worth considering.

The game offers a unique and immersive experience, with stunning visuals, intricate puzzles, and an enchanting soundtrack. The game’s attention to detail is also impressive, bringing every aspect of the clockwork universe to life in a way that is both beautiful and engaging.

The game’s gameplay and story are of high quality, which makes up for its relatively short length. It’s a game that can be completed in a single sitting, but it offers plenty of replay value thanks to the different approaches players can take to solve puzzles.

Is The Last Clockwinder on Quest 2?

Yes, The Last Clockwinder is available on Quest 2 and other VR platforms, such as Oculus Rift, and on the PlayStation VR system. It is also available on the Steam VR platform for use with compatible VR headsets.

How long to beat The Last Clockwinder?

According to data from the website HowLongToBeat, the average time to beat The Last Clockwinder is around 3-4 hours for the main story. However, the game also offers some additional content, such as hidden collectibles and secrets, which can add to the game’s overall playtime.

It’s worth noting that the game’s playtime can vary depending on factors such as the player’s skill level, puzzle-solving ability, and how much time they spend exploring the game’s world. Some players may take longer to complete the game, while others may finish it more quickly.

Despite its relatively short length, The Last Clockwinder offers an engaging and immersive experience that makes the most of its unique clockwork universe. The game’s puzzles are challenging yet satisfying, and the story is compelling, making it a game worth experiencing, even if it is only for a few hours.


The Last Clockwinder is a fantastic VR game that stands out for its captivating art style, attention to detail, and engaging gameplay. It is a must-play for anyone looking for a thrilling puzzle-adventure game in VR. Virtual Horizons has done an excellent job with this game, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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