Samsung Gear VR – Everything You Need To Know

The Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that was made by Samsung and the leader in VR technology, Oculus. The Gear VR was first released in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular VR headsets on the market.

The Gear VR works by connecting to a compatible Samsung smartphone, which acts as the display and processing unit. A latch holds the phone in place inside the front of the headset. Once the phone is connected, the user can then access a variety of VR experiences through the Oculus app, which is downloaded onto the phone.

One of the most impressive features of the Gear VR is its ability to track the user’s head movements and adjust the display accordingly. This creates a highly immersive experience that feels incredibly realistic. Additionally, the headset also comes with a touchpad and buttons on the side, which can be used to navigate through menus and interact with VR content.

Another great thing about Gear VR is the vast amount of content that is available. The Oculus app offers a wide range of VR games, videos, and other experiences. There are also many third-party apps available that can be downloaded onto the phone and used with the headset.

One downside of the Gear VR is that it does require a compatible Samsung phone to function. This means that users who do not own a Samsung phone may not be able to use the headset. Additionally, the Gear VR does not have the same level of graphics or processing power as some of the more expensive VR headsets on the market. However, for its price point, the Gear VR is still an impressive device that offers a great VR experience.

What phones is Samsung Gear VR compatible with?

The Samsung Gear VR is compatible with a select range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Here is a list of Samsung phones that are compatible with Gear VR.

Type-C USB:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note FE
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Galaxy A8+

Micro USB:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

It’s important to note that compatibility can vary depending on the model and version of the Gear VR headset. Before purchasing the headset, it’s best to double-check the compatibility requirements with Samsung or the seller to ensure that your specific phone model will work with the Gear VR.

Is Samsung Gear VR discontinued?

Samsung Gear VR

Yes, Samsung has officially discontinued the Gear VR headset. In July 2020, Samsung announced that they would no longer produce new models of the Gear VR, and would instead focus on their partnership with Oculus for the development of the Oculus-powered Samsung VR app.

Even though the Gear VR is no longer being made, you can still buy older models from a number of stores. However, it’s important to note that since Samsung is no longer producing new models, there may be limited availability of the device and its accessories. Additionally, with the rapid advancement of VR technology, it’s possible that the Gear VR may become outdated as new and more advanced VR headsets are released.

How to connect Samsung Gear VR controller to any Android phone?

connect Samsung VR to phone

The Samsung Gear VR controller is specifically designed to work with the Gear VR headset and a compatible Samsung smartphone. It may not work with other Android phones as it relies on the Gear VR software and hardware to function properly. However, if you have a compatible Samsung phone and are experiencing issues with the controller pairing, here are the steps to connect the Samsung Gear VR controller to your phone:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your Samsung phone by going to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on the Samsung Gear VR controller by pressing and holding the Home button until the blue light on the controller begins to flash.
  3. On your Samsung phone, go to Settings > Apps > Gear VR Service and select Storage. Then, tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  4. Open the Oculus app on your Samsung phone.
  5. Place your phone into the Gear VR headset and connect the headset to the controller.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Oculus app to pair the Gear VR controller with your phone.


Samsung Gear VR is an excellent entry-level VR headset that offers a lot of value for its price. Its compatibility with Samsung phones, coupled with its ease of use and wide range of available content, make it a great choice for anyone looking to explore the world of virtual reality.

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