Meaning Of The Moon Emojis On WhatsApp And How To Use Them

Emojis, just like symbols, contain certain information and can mean several things to different people; a good understanding of what an emoji means will increase your communication flow on WhatsApp. So, if you’ve been on WhatsApp for a while now, you must have come across a full moon emoji in your emoji section, received it from someone, or sent it out to someone.ย 

Below are a few of the common questions most people ask about the meaning of moon emojis on WhatsApp, and thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve made this post to answer all your questions.

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Moon emojis are among the faces with the most misunderstood meaning by users during conversations on apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Instagram DMs. Even though the images are literal representations of something, they can have different meanings when used to send messages that have nothing to do with what is shown. In this way, like other emojis, moons have a double meaning and can even allude to sexual proposals. See below for all the meanings of the moon emojis.

Illuminated smiling moon emoji or Unlit moon smiling emoji

Photo by Emojipedia

Many users end up assigning new meanings to emojis, even if they have nothing to do with literal symbolism. The dark and smiling moon emoji, for example, is often used to give a more provocative tone to the conversation, such as when someone wants to show romantic or sexual interest in someone else.

According to the website Emojipedia, however, the dark and smiling moon represents the new moon, while the lit moon depicts the full moon. The smiling face of both means “man’s joy in reaching the moon.”

Moon in different phases (waning, waxing, new, full…)

Photo by Emojipedia

All phases of the moon are represented in emojis. The new moon (filled disk) without illumination and with some craters can be used to represent night, astronomy, and outer space. For example, you can say good night using the crescent moon, which is a half-yellow moon that curves to the right.

The full moon, characterized by a yellow circle, can also represent the night and outer space, but it is also widely used during the Halloween holiday. Lastly, the waning moon, which has one half lit and the other half dark and cratered, can signify mysterious or confusing feelings, such as “feeling torn apart.”

Smiling half moon

Representing the waning phase, the half-moon smiling, as well as the other phases with a smile, means the joy of the man on the moon. The emoji can be used to symbolize the night or even express “good night” in a conversation. But WhatsApp users use this icon to communicate something else: the half-moon smiling to the right means “naughtiness,” and the half moon smiling to the left alludes to โ€œholyโ€ or โ€œshyโ€ behavior.

Moon in eclipse

The moon in an eclipse emoji has three versions. According to Emojipedia, the first, which is half light and half dark, may represent “hidden” feelings, but some Internet users use it to signal oral s*x. The second version, which has a light hairline with the rest being dark, may indicate that the person has never had s*x. The third and final one, which shows more than half of it lit and a small dark beam, can also symbolize oral s*x.

Even though new meanings have been given to some emojis, all of them mean the different phases of a lunar eclipse.

Final thought

Every emoji has a meaning and it is somewhat difficult to know all the meanings, that’s why this post and several other emoji websites are dedicated to providing you with better explanations to help you understand your chats well. If there’s any emoji you seek to know the meaning of, do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below, we will be more than happy to assist you with the meaning.

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