Is The AI Beer Commercial Real Or Fake?

The internet is abuzz with speculation surrounding a viral beer commercial, generated by artificial intelligence, that has captured attention due to its surreal and disturbing imagery. While some assert that the commercial is a parody or a fabrication, others contend that it is indeed a genuine advertisement created using AI technology.

In this report, we delve into the available evidence and investigate the veracity of the AI beer commercial and other related AI generated commercials. By evaluating the claims put forth by both sides of the debate and assessing the credibility of the involved sources, we seek to uncover the truth behind this sensational online phenomenon.

What is the AI beer commercial?

The AI beer commercial has taken the internet by storm, becoming a viral sensation on social media, and it was entirely produced using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This captivating advertisement showcases surreal and sometimes unsettling imagery, featuring what has been described as “joyful monstrosities” and “fiery apocalypses,” tapping into our collective fear of AI.

Created by the mixed-media agency, Private Island, the commercial serves as a parody of American beer commercials and AI-generated art. To bring their creative vision to life, the agency employed various AI algorithms, such as Stable Diffusion, Control Net, and Runway Gen 2, which contributed to the mesmerizing imagery and animations presented in the video. As a result, the commercial has sparked intense debate and controversy online, with some applauding its ingenuity while others criticize it as a disconcerting portrayal of the potential perils of AI.

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Benefits of the AI beer commercial

The AI beer commercial has undoubtedly triggered controversy and sparked heated debates, but it also boasts several potential benefits, including:

1. Creativity: The commercial exemplifies AI’s capacity to produce exceptionally imaginative and groundbreaking content, pushing the envelope of possibilities in both advertising and art.

2. Efficiency: Utilizing AI algorithms for generating imagery and animation in the commercial can offer remarkable efficiency gains compared to conventional methods, potentially saving valuable time and resources.

3. Virality: The AI beer commercial’s surreal and unsettling imagery has fueled its rapid spread across social media, propelling substantial buzz and attention for the brand and the agency involved.

4. Attention-Grabbing: Employing AI-generated imagery and animation can be strikingly attention-grabbing and memorable, enabling the commercial to stand out amidst the crowded advertising landscape.

5. Innovation: This AI beer commercial serves as an inspiring testament to AI’s potential for fostering creativity and innovation, encouraging other artists and agencies to explore and experiment with this transformative technology.

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How was the AI beer commercial made?

The AI beer commercial was crafted using a primitive AI video generator that possesses limited knowledge of materials and images. The production was made for no actual beer . If the beer commercial didn’t leave you unsettled, you might want to check out similar commercials like the AI-generated pizza commercial.


The authenticity of the AI beer commercial lies in the realm of interpretation. Although the commercial was indeed crafted using artificial intelligence algorithms, it wasn’t commissioned by an actual beer company and does not represent a legitimate advertisement for a real product. Instead, it stands as a parody of American beer commercials and an exploration of AI art, brought to life by the mixed-media agency Private Island.

Consequently, while the AI beer commercial is undoubtedly a genuine video created through AI technology, it should be perceived as a work of art or a creative experiment rather than an authentic commercial for a tangible product.

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