Is Jojoy safe? Free Games And Mod Tool Website

The site promises to let you download unlocked games and mods, but there are rumors that it may pose security risks to your Android and iOS devices. The site features a catalog full of popular games such as Minecraft, Subway Surfers, Stumble Guys, GTA: San Andreas, and more. To access them, however, the user must install the JoJoy apk or try the JoJoy web app.

What is

Jojoy is an app that lets you install games on Android and iPhone devices (iOS can be played at You can download it and put it on your Android device by going to and going to the Jojoy download app page.

In some cases, the apps’ promised games are modified versions of well-known games like “Stumble Guys X Pokémon” or paid games that have been “unlocked,” like Minecraft. He also says that fans will make things like GTA 5 Prologue, which is a mobile version of the first mission of GTA 5.

How to download and install apk files from

To install these games, the user must first install the Jojoy application. The version of the app is available on the Jojoy official website. On the iPhone, there’s no need for installation as the games can be accessed and played on the cloud.

Android users:

  1. Visit the
  2. Click on the “Download Jojoy apk” button
  3. Extract and install the apk file on your android
  4. You will have access to free games download after a successful installation.

iPhone users

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the button “Try Jojoy Web app”
  3. After you’ve clicked on the button, it will take you to where you can enjoy your favorite games online without downloading.

What are the risks?

The official website for the app has a version that can be downloaded and installed outside of the Google Play Store. This version also lets you download and install games on your device.  This can be something of concern to you.

The Jojoy app includes game mods such as Stumble Guys X Pokémon, which places the little monsters in a Fall Guys-style game.

According to Santiago Pontiroli, the big problem “is in the permissions required by the application.” Kaspersky’s digital security expert mentions that it’s complicated to give access to an app without knowing its origin or its intentions. For example, a malicious app could make your smartphone less safe and make it possible for personal information to be collected.

“The consequences depend on the application and the requested permissions. For example, there are types of malicious applications that just try to send a premium SMS to earn money at the victims’ expense, and there are spy applications that serve to steal information or credentials from devices.”

APK and Google Play Store

You can get apps for Android devices from the official Google Play Store or by installing “APKs,” which are packages of apps from other places. Those that are installed outside the Play Store, by themselves, are not dangerous but depend on their origin. For instance, Epic Games officially offers Fortnite, but it is not available on the Google Play Store.

Regarding the case of Fortnite, Pontiroli comments that “we have to avoid this, as the ideal is to always download directly from official stores.” He also mentions that “it’s up to the user to decide how important device security is to them.” “But we don’t recommend this practice.” That’s why the official Android and iPhone app stores have filters against malicious apps.

The expert also suggests putting a good antivirus program on the device so that malware and viruses are easier to find. This will also make the device safer in general.

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