How To Use The ‘Ok, Google Configure My Device’ Command

Google Assistant is Google’s feature for voice commands. Just say “Ok, Google” to get started with the function. You can also use the command “Ok, Google. Set up my device” to connect your smartphone to smart devices, such as speakers and watches.

How do I setup my OK Google Voice command? 

Next, follow the tutorial on how to use the “Ok, Google” command to configure a secondary device compatible with Google Assistant.

Activate the “Ok, Google” command

Before using the “Ok, Google. Configure my device”, first you need to have Google Assistant activated on your cell phone.

The “Ok, Google” command is already built into most Android smartphones, so you may not need to install the Google Assistant app. If this is the case, you can download the tool to enable the feature, as long as you meet the minimum requirements:

Requirements for OK Google voice command to run on your phone

How do I activate voice commands? In order to download, activate and use the OK Google features, kindly ensure that your smartphone is running at least;

  • Android 5.0 or higher;
  • Google Assistant app version 8.10 or higher;
  • Work on a 5GHz Wi-Fi network (WPA2-Enterprise networks do not work);
  • Have Bluetooth enabled;
  • Be connected to the internet.

To use the “Configure my device” command, don’t forget to activate “Ok, Google” 

How to use the “Ok, Google. Configure my device”

When you have a speaker, Smart Clock, or any other smart device with Google Assistant, there are some ways available to configure the device on mobile. The most common is using the Google Home app to add new devices.

However, you can shorten these steps by just using the “Ok, Google. Set up my device” or “Ok, Google. Configure my device”. Both work the same way, that is, you choose which one to use.

  1. Turn on the speaker, smart clock, or device you want to activate. Both he and the cell phone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
  2. With the Google Assistant turned on, speak the command “Ok, Google” to the cell phone;
  3. Say “set up my device” or “set up my device”;
  4. The phone will start searching for compatible devices;
  5. Wait until the device is recognized;
  6. Complete additional settings and finalize the last adjustments.

Why is my voice command not working when I say OK Google?

The common cause could be a yet-to-activate Google assistant or an error in Google assistant activation and setup.

Final thought

Thank goodness for the OK Google voice command that made it possible for users to be able to control their phones with voice and configure other of their devices that supports Google Assistant voice control.

For every new Google Assistant-enabled smart device, you can speak the same phrases as “Ok google set up my device” or “Set up my device” into the Android phone, then proceed right there to complete the setup.

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