How To Use Photoshop AI – The Complete Guide

Are you a graphic designer? Would you like to know how you can make your art better using AI? Then let’s explore this post together.

Photoshop AI represents an advanced technology that harnesses artificial intelligence to elevate and streamline image manipulation workflows within Adobe Photoshop. By incorporating Photoshop AI, users can benefit from automated tasks, content generation, and the application of realistic effects, enhancing their creative endeavors.

To utilize Photoshop AI, one can directly access its AI-powered features integrated into the Photoshop application. These features encompass Generative Fill, Object Selection, Depth Blur, and Sky Replacement.

Generative Fill allows non-destructive addition, extension, or removal of content from images, facilitated by simple text prompts.

Object Selection utilizes AI to automatically identify and select objects based on their shape and color.

Moreover, Depth Blur and Sky Replacement analyze images to produce realistic effects that seamlessly blend with the original content.

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Steps on how to use Photoshop AI

1. Launch Adobe Photoshop: Open the Adobe Photoshop application on your computer.

2. Open your image: Import the image you wish to work on into Photoshop.

3. Access AI features: To utilize the AI-powered capabilities of Photoshop, go to the “Edit” menu in the top menu bar and choose either “Auto-Enhance” or “Sky Replacement.”

4. Utilize Generative Fill: Select the area of the image you want to modify. Next, click on the “Edit” menu, choose “Fill,” and opt for “Generative Fill.” Provide a prompt for the AI to generate content based on, then click “Generate.” The AI will proceed to create new content according to your prompt.

5. Leverage Object Selection: For Object Selection, pick the “Object Selection” tool from the left-hand toolbar. Draw a selection around the object you wish to isolate, and the AI will automatically select it based on its shape and color.

6. Apply Depth Blur: Access the “Filter” menu in the top menu bar and choose “Depth Blur.” The AI will analyze your image and produce a realistic depth effect that blurs the background while focusing on the foreground.

7. Use Sky Replacement: Navigate to the “Edit” menu in the top menu bar and select “Sky Replacement.” Pick a sky from the available options or upload your own. The AI will analyze your image and seamlessly replace the sky with a realistic effect that matches the lighting and color of the original image.

8. Save your changes: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, save the modified image by clicking on the “File” menu and selecting “Save.”

Steps to access AI in Photoshop and make use of the generative fill feature

Step 1: Create an Account

Begin by creating an account to gain access to Adobe’s services and products.

Step 2: Install Adobe Creative Cloud

Install the Adobe Creative Cloud application on your computer, which serves as a hub for managing Adobe’s various creative software.

Step 3: Install Photoshop (Beta) and Utilize Generative Fill

Within the Adobe Creative Cloud, locate and install the Photoshop (Beta) version. Once installed, you can access the generative fill tool directly within the Photoshop interface and start leveraging its AI-powered capabilities.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly access AI features in Photoshop, specifically the generative fill tool, and explore its potential to enhance your creative endeavors.


What is the AI version of Photoshop?

Recently, Adobe introduced a noteworthy update to the Photoshop application, unveiling a brand new version known as Photoshop Beta. This latest iteration is AI-powered and boasts a plethora of remarkable and innovative features. Among the standout additions is the AI generative fill tool, which has been capturing the attention and admiration of users.

How do you enhance photos in Photoshop AI?

To enhance photos using Photoshop AI, employ the Super Resolution feature, powered by the Adobe Sensei AI platform. Begin by opening the desired photo and right-click on it. From the context menu, select “Enhance.” With just a few clicks, Super Resolution can effectively double the resolution both horizontally and vertically, providing a quick and efficient method to enhance the overall quality of the image. By leveraging this AI-powered tool, you can significantly improve the appearance and detail of your photos with ease.


Photoshop AI stands as a formidable technology, facilitating task automation, content generation, and the application of lifelike effects within Adobe Photoshop. By following the aforementioned steps, you gain access to a suite of AI-powered features, including Generative Fill, Object Selection, Depth Blur, and Sky Replacement. Utilizing these capabilities, you can not only save time but also elevate the impact and quality of your images, achieving more impressive results.

This powerful tool proves to be indispensable for designers, photographers, and individuals seeking to enhance their image manipulation workflows. Photoshop AI opens up a realm of creative possibilities, offering a seamless blend of artificial intelligence and creative expertise to optimize your design endeavors. Embrace Photoshop AI, and unlock a new level of efficiency and creativity in your visual projects.

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