How To Use Originality AI For Free Online

Are you aware of a tool with which you can detect AI-generated text? Would you like to halt plagiarism? Let’s find out how you can achieve this freely with the Originality AI detector.

Originality AI is an influential content detection tool meticulously designed to ensure the authenticity of the text we come across. Its primary purpose is to detect and eliminate AI-generated content and instances of plagiarism. Crafted by a team of experts in content marketing and GPT-3 AI, it reflects a profound understanding of the needs of businesses and content creators.

In this definitive guide, we will explore how to use Originality AI for free. By adhering to the steps detailed below, you can effectively utilize the potential of Originality AI to scan and analyze your content. It then compares it against millions of other documents on the internet, detecting any similarities that may indicate potential plagiarism or the use of AI-generated content. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Originality AI emerges as an invaluable tool for writers, students, educators, and anyone striving to uphold the authenticity of their content.

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Steps on how to use Originality AI for free

Learn how to use Originality AI for free with the following steps:

1. Get the Chrome extension

Head to the Originality AI free Chrome extension page and click on the prominent Google Chrome button at the center. This will take you to the Google Chrome web store, where you can install the Originality AI free extension.

2. Register for an account

Upon successfully installing the extension, proceed to create an account on Originality AI. Unlike other AI detection tools, Originality AI requires users to sign up for an account. While the service offers a free trial through its Chrome extension, please note that it is not entirely free, and a subscription will be needed for extended usage beyond the trial period.

3. Scan your content

With an account set up, you can now begin scanning your content. Copy and paste your text into the Originality AI editor, or alternatively, you can upload a document file. The system will then initiate a scan, comparing your content with millions of other documents on the internet to detect any potential similarities.

4. Review the results

After completing the scan, Originality AI will furnish you with a comprehensive report. This report highlights any instances of potential plagiarism and identifies the presence of AI-generated content. Carefully assess the results and make any necessary revisions to ensure your content maintains its originality and remains free from plagiarism.

By following these simple steps, you can harness the capabilities of Originality AI to safeguard the originality of your content. Whether you are a writer, student, educator, or simply seeking to protect the authenticity of your work, Originality AI offers a valuable and user-friendly tool. Utilizing Originality AI empowers you to save time and resources while upholding the integrity of your content.

Steps on how to employ

1. Use the Chrome extension: Install Originality AI’s Chrome extension. Once installed, you can easily highlight the text you wish to examine on any website. For users working within documents, emails, publishing sites, or similar platforms, simply copy and paste the content into the checker.

2. Let the tool work its magic: After selecting or pasting the content, Originality AI will swiftly analyze it for any potential issues related to originality and plagiarism.

By utilizing the Chrome extension, Originality AI enables a seamless and efficient process to assess your content’s originality, making it an essential tool for writers, students, and professionals alike.

How to obtain free credits on free

Step 1: Click the button located in the middle of the page to navigate to the Chrome Web Store and proceed with the extension installation.

Step 2: Install the Chrome extension.

Step 3: Create your complimentary account, and as a reward, you will receive 50 free credits, serving as a free trial for the service.


What constitutes a favorable originality AI score?

Blog posts with a score below 50 are likely to be identified as AI-generated and would be disregarded. On the other hand, achieving a 50% originality score would indicate human authorship, leading the content to pass the test.

What can Originality AI detect?

Originality AI is an AI-driven content detection tool tailored to aid bloggers, professors, and businesses in swiftly and accurately identifying artificially generated content. Its primary objective is to verify the originality of the text, ensuring it remains authentic and devoid of AI-generated elements, while also flagging any instances of plagiarism.

Is there a free version of Originality AI?

Indeed, Originality.AI offers a free trial. By installing their free AI detection Chrome Extension, you can receive 50 credits to assess Originality.AI’s detection capabilities. Each credit allows you to scan 100 words.


Originality AI stands as a potent content detection tool, empowering users to scan and analyze their content by comparing it to numerous documents online, thereby spotting potential similarities and AI-generated content indicative of plagiarism. By following the aforementioned steps, you can harness the power of Originality AI for free through its Chrome extension, guaranteeing the authenticity of your content. Writers, students, educators, and all those concerned with originality will find this tool highly beneficial due to its advanced features and user-friendly interface.

The use of Originality AI enables you to save time and resources while safeguarding your content against plagiarism. However, please be aware that Originality AI is not entirely free, and to continue using it beyond the trial period, a subscription is necessary. Overall, Originality AI proves to be a valuable asset in preserving the integrity of your content and ensuring its originality, free from plagiarism.

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