How To Use Midjourney Negative Prompt

How do you give negative prompts in Midjourney? You would probably want to edit some unwanted features on your AI-generated art. Is your Midjourney negative prompt not working for you or you’re finding your way around “Midjourney The sum of all prompt weights must be positive message?” We’ve got you covered with the best tips on how to harness the negative prompt features with examples.

Midjourney proves to be an impressive tool, granting users the ability to craft generative AI art through its innovative Discord bot. Among its array of useful features, one stands out prominently: the utilization of negative prompts to eliminate unwanted elements from generated images.

With negative prompts, users can specify what they don’t want in their Midjourney creations, simplifying the process of achieving the perfect image. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to employ Midjourney’s negative prompts, offering step-by-step instructions to help you embark on your creative journey with confidence.

Steps on how to use Midjourney negative prompt

To utilize Midjourney’s negative prompts, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Begin by joining the Midjourney Discord server using this [invite link](

2. Once you’re inside the Midjourney Discord server, navigate to the #bot-commands channel.

3. Initiate the image generation process by typing “/imagine” followed by the desired command. For instance, “/imagine landscape” will create a landscape image.

4. To remove a specific element from the generated image, use the “–no” parameter, followed by the name of the element you wish to eliminate. For example, if you don’t want any trees in your landscape image, type “/imagine landscape –no trees”.

5. Proceed by following the bot’s instructions to further customize your image. You have the option to select the image’s size, the number of elements to include, and more.

6. Once content with your adjustments, type “/done” to generate the image.

7. Reiterate steps 3 to 6 using various commands and negative prompts to create your ideal image.

Keep in mind that negative prompts are case-sensitive and must be spelled accurately. Additionally, not all elements may be removable using negative prompts, so refer to the Midjourney documentation for a comprehensive list of available elements. By effectively using negative prompts, you can produce stunning generative AI art tailored to your exact preferences.


How do you give negative prompts in Midjourney?

To provide negative prompts in Midjourney, you can make use of the “–no” parameter. This straightforward method allows you to specify elements that you wish to exclude from the generated image. Simply include the “–no” parameter, followed by the name of the element you want to remove, and Midjourney will ensure that it is not included in the final artwork.

What is an example of a negative prompt?

Midjourney negative prompt examples include the following;

Negative Prompt: “underexposed,” “overexposed,” “ugly,” “disfigured,” “deformed.”

What is negative weight in Midjourney?

In Midjourney, negative prompts refer to text commands that you can include with your original prompt. These commands allow you to specify elements that you do not want in your image generation. The negative prompts work by applying a negative weight or penalty to the undesirable elements, reducing the likelihood of them appearing in the final output.


Midjourney negative prompts serve as a potent tool, granting users increased precision and control in creating generative AI art. By adhering to the steps outlined above, you can effortlessly eliminate unwanted elements from your generated images, resulting in the perfect artwork. Remember to utilize the “–no” parameter followed by the name of the element you wish to remove and consult the Midjourney documentation for a comprehensive list of available elements. With the aid of Midjourney negative prompts, you can produce breathtaking generative AI art tailored precisely to your preferences. We trust this guide has been beneficial in acquainting you with Midjourney negative prompts. Happy creating!

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