How To Use Leonardo AI Free – The Easy Guide

How do you use Leonardo AI step by step? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, this guide will be your key to unlocking the full potential of Leonardo AI, elevating your creative projects to new heights.

Leonardo AI stands as an impressive tool that taps into the capabilities of artificial intelligence to empower users in creating stunning artwork and images. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface have made it a preferred option among artists and designers seeking imaginative solutions for their creative endeavors.

In this comprehensive guide at Cuban VR, we will present a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize Leonardo AI for free, covering tasks such as generating images using AI, fine-tuning AI models, and leveraging image prompts.

How to use Leonardo AI for free – steps by step guide

1. Begin by visiting the official website of Leonardo AI, where you can access and download the free trial version.

2. Install the software on your computer once the download is complete.

3. Launch the application after installation and navigate to the “AI” section.

4. Determine the type of image you wish to create, whether it’s a portrait, landscape, or any other option available.

5. Select the AI model that best suits your needs from Leonardo AI’s diverse range, tailored for portraits, landscapes, and more.

6. Fine-tune the AI model to your preferences by adjusting settings like color, saturation, and brightness to achieve the desired outcome.

7. Employ image prompts to guide the AI model in generating the image. You can either upload your images or utilize the in-built image library for this purpose.

8. Once satisfied with the outcome, save the image to your computer or share it on your preferred social media platform.

It is easy to unleash the power of artificial intelligence with Leonardo AI and create stunning images and artwork, all at no cost. This versatile tool caters to both professional artists and hobbyists, offering a wide array of features and tools to help you realize your creative potential.

How to generate AI images using Leonardo AI

1. Enter your desired prompt into the Leonardo AI interface.

2. Click the “Generate” button to initiate the image creation process.

3. Leonardo AI will process the provided prompt and create a new image based on the information given.

4. Once the generation process is complete, you can download the newly created image to your device.


Are Leonardo AI generated images suitable for commercial use?

Indeed, Leonardo AI facilitates businesses in swiftly and effortlessly creating captivating artwork. The platform’s AI algorithms generate production-ready assets, making them suitable for use in various projects, including commercial endeavors.

Is it permissible to sell Leonardo AI art?

Certainly, selling AI images is legally allowed. However, it’s crucial to comprehend the specific license under which your AI images are generated. These licensing terms can vary, ranging from granting full commercial usage rights to limiting the usage solely for personal purposes.

Is Leonardo AI still free?

Yes, the basic features of Leonardo AI are still available for free use. If you require more features, you may have to check the Leonardo AI pricing table for a plan that suits your needs.


Leonardo AI stands as a potent tool, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence to assist users in crafting stunning artwork and images. With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI models, it has gained popularity among artists and designers seeking inventive solutions for their creative endeavors. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can freely utilize Leonardo AI to generate high-quality images and artwork that align with your specific requirements.

Whether you’re a professional artist or an enthusiastic hobbyist, Leonardo AI provides an array of tools to unlock your creative potential and elevate your projects to new heights. So, don’t hesitate to explore Leonardo AI for free and experience the true power of AI-assisted creativity.

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