How To Use Duet AI – The Easy Guide

How do you activate duet AI and what is the use of duet AI? Let’s find out in this our definitive guide.

Duet AI, is an advanced AI-powered writing assistant crafted to enhance users’ writing experience by using generative AI capabilities. With Duet AI, users can unlock text generation and summarization, prompt-based image generation, and efficient data organization. This powerful tool seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace and Google Cloud, making it accessible through popular applications like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

To embark on your journey with Duet AI, simply ensure you have a Google Workspace or Google Cloud account. Once granted access to the platform, you can explore a plethora of features designed to empower you in creating high-quality content. Among these features is AI-powered text generation, enabling you to write faster and more efficiently, thus optimizing your productivity.

Duet AI goes above and beyond by offering enhanced functionality through its subscription plans. These plans encompass personalized study plans, practice exercises, and immediate feedback, all aimed at elevating your writing skills. The platform itself boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy access to all the necessary features and tools required to create outstanding content.

Here’s a guide on using Duet AI

1. Have a Google Workspace or Google Cloud account

Ensure you have a Google Workspace or Google Cloud account, as Duet AI is exclusively available to users of these platforms.

2. Open a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide

Launch either a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide and locate the “Duet” button situated in the sidebar.

3. Utilize the AI-powered text generation feature

Once within the Duet AI interface, take advantage of the remarkable AI-powered text generation feature. Simply input a prompt or topic, and Duet AI will swiftly generate text for you, facilitating faster and more efficient writing.

4. Summarization feature

Duet AI provides a convenient summarization feature to swiftly condense articles, books, and PDFs. Just copy and paste the text into the summarization tool, and Duet AI will generate a concise summary for you.

5. Data organization feature

Streamline your data organization and analysis with Duet AI’s data organization feature. Input your data into the tool, and Duet AI will assist in organizing and analyzing it effectively.

6. “AI Enhancer” feature

Enhance the accuracy of your content and address AI detection issues using the “AI Enhancer” feature. Simply click on the “AI Enhancer” button in the sidebar, and Duet AI will provide valuable suggestions for improving your content.


How can I obtain access to Duet AI?

To gain access to Duet AI you have to become a Google Workspace user, you can sign up for Workspace Labs.

Is Google Duet AI free?

As of now, it is unclear whether Google Duet AI is going to be free or not. Google has not made any official announcement regarding the pricing of Duet AI. However, it is important to note that some of Google’s other AI-powered services, such as Google Cloud’s AI Platform, offer both free and paid versions. It is possible that Google may follow a similar pricing model for Duet AI. Additionally, Google may offer Duet AI as part of its Google Workspace subscription service, which offers a variety of productivity and collaboration tools for businesses and organizations.

What languages are supported by Duet AI?

Duet AI for google workspace supports a variety of programming languages, to mention but a few; Python, Go, Java, SQL, and JavaScript.


Google Duet AI is an AI for Google Workspace. This means, to access the wonderful features of Duet AI, one must have an active Google Workspace account. With Duet AI, you can harness text-to-image generation, text generation, content summarization, data organization, and content accuracy improvement capabilities.

The platform is specifically designed to assist users in enhancing their writing abilities and speed through the integration of generative AI features, personalized study plans, practice exercises, and immediate feedback. 

Duet AI proves to be an excellent tool for writers and professionals seeking to boost their skills and productivity.

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