How To Use Character AI No Filter

Are you worried about how the Character.AI No filter work? Character.AI is a potent tool that can be utilized to build trustworthy and interesting chat conversations. The app does, however, feature an NSFW filter that stops users from talking about specific subjects. For some users who want to utilize Character.AI for creative or instructional purposes, this can be challenging.

The NSFW filter on Character.AI has limitations, and people are actively looking for ways to get around it. The goal is to have control over the talks and content, making sure that no explicit or offensive information is presented. Users can participate in discussions without needless restrictions by avoiding the filter.

Tips to bypass character Ai NSFW filter

Add extra spaces

There are a few ways to bypass the NSFW filter in Character. AI. One way is to add extra spaces between NSFW words. The Character.AI model is trained to identify NSFW words based on their spelling. By adding extra spaces, the model will not be able to recognize the words as NSFW and will not filter them out.

Use typos

Another way to bypass the NSFW filter is to use typos. The Character.AI model is also trained to identify NSFW words based on their common spellings. By intentionally misspelling NSFW words, you can bypass the filter.

Indirect vocabulary

You can also try to camouflage NSFW words with suggestive indirect vocabulary. This is a more subtle way to bypass the filter, but it can be effective. For example, instead of saying “sex,” you could say “physical intimacy.”

NSFW Private Greeting

NSFW and other chat-related terms can be included in the greeting of a private bot that you design. This will inform the chatbot that the user wants to engage in explicit or delicate conversation and will allow you to conduct an open chat. This is one method of using character AI without a filter.

Broad subject matter

Start the conversation with broad themes as a challenging technique to get past the character AI filter. More explicit terminology and phrases can be introduced gradually once the chatbot has a general understanding of your intentions. 

Does the character AI app have a filter?

You may have come across the Character AI filter at some point. Its purpose is to stop the platform from creating or reacting to messages with objectionable content. Although the content filter was created with the best of intentions, some users have complained that it is excessively aggressive and restricts the ability to express oneself.

How do you bypass character AI censorship?

Add extra spaces between NSFW words to get around Character AI’s NSFW filter. Based on how they are spelled, the Character AI model is taught to recognize NSFW phrases. The model won’t be able to identify the words as NSFW by adding more spaces, thus it won’t filter them out.

If you are looking for a Character.AI alternative that does not have an NSFW filter, there are a few options available. Crushon.AI and Tavern AI are two popular alternatives that allow users to chat about any topic they want. However, it is important to note that these apps are not as sophisticated as Character.AI, and the conversations may not be as realistic.


Bypassing the NSFW filter in Character.AI is not always easy but if you know the right trick you would be able to create whatever content you like. however the model is constantly being updated, and it may eventually learn to identify even the most creative attempts to bypass the filter.

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