How Do I Use DeepSwap AI For Free?

DeepSwap AI is a robust tool enabling users to effortlessly generate deepfakes with a few clicks. While the platform primarily operates on a subscription basis, the interest in using DeepSwap AI for free is on the rise. As deepfakes gain popularity, cost-effective means of content creation become sought after, driving individuals to explore free alternatives.

Thankfully, avenues exist for leveraging DeepSwap AI without cost. Various online tools and applications facilitate free deepfake creation. However, it’s important to bear in mind that these complimentary options might come with limitations in terms of features and quality. Vigilance is also advised when opting for free tools, given potential security concerns compared to their paid counterparts.

Free Usage of DeepSwap AI

For those keen on harnessing DeepSwap AI’s capabilities for free, several avenues are available for consideration. By exploring diverse tools and methodologies, users can craft high-quality deepfakes while adhering to budget-friendly constraints. Yet, exercising prudence and utilizing reputable tools remains crucial for optimal results.

The concepts of DeepSwap AI

DeepSwap AI serves as a potent instrument, simplifying the creation of lifelike deepfakes and face swaps. Through an embedded algorithm, the tool manages complex processes associated with deepfake generation. Users only need to upload two images and await the enchanting transformation.

This tool offers a range of features, including:

  • Unlimited picture and video uploads
  • Free swaps
  • 20 monthly credits for video and GIF swaps
  • Credit-based system for GIFs and videos
  • Automated billing cycles for subscriptions

Subscription options include monthly and yearly plans, each with its own set of benefits. With its capacity to produce remarkably realistic outcomes, DeepSwap AI is ideal for crafting humorous videos, pranks, and more. However, ethical and responsible usage is vital, given its potential for harm and misinformation.

How to create a DeepSwap AI Account

To access DeepSwap AI’s offerings, users must register an account on its website. This process is simple and free. Here’s how:

1. Visit the DeepSwap website.

2. Click the “Get Started For Free” button in the top right corner of the homepage.

3. Input your email address and create a password.

4. Click “Sign Up” to finalize the registration.

Once registered, users gain access to the free version, offering 20 monthly credits for video and GIF swaps. A single GIF or 15-second video equals one credit. Users can upload unlimited images and videos. Notably, subscriptions auto-renew, with billing occurring within 24 hours prior to each cycle’s commencement. Users can cancel their subscription at any time.

Navigating DeepSwap AI’s Interface

The interface of DeepSwap AI is intuitive and user-friendly. After logging in, users land on the dashboard, which grants access to the tool’s features and utilities. The dashboard encompasses:

  • Account details
  • Ongoing projects
  • DeepSwap AI editor
  • Support center access

The tool offers a range of capabilities, including uploading files, defining target faces, applying AI algorithms, and utilizing the editor for enhancements. Overall, DeepSwap AI facilitates effortless, high-quality deepfake and face swap creation, suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Free Usage of DeepSwap AI

Even while DeepSwap AI presents subscription plans, free features can still be accessed. These include:

  • Uploading an unlimited number of images and videos
  • Swapping faces in media files
  • Crafting GIFs featuring swapped faces
  • Sharing and exporting created content

How to maximize DeepSwap AI

1. Choose Quality Media: Opt for high-quality images and videos to ensure optimal results.

2. Prioritize Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for realistic swaps. Natural light or well-lit environments work best.

3. Select Similar Faces: Choose faces with similar features for seamless swaps.

4. Experiment with Settings: Tinker with settings to achieve desired outcomes.

5. Utilize Undo/Redo: Leverage the undo and redo buttons for easy revisions.

Adhering to these tips can help you create impressive and convincing deepfakes using DeepSwap AI.


How do I access DeepSwap AI’s free version?

The free version is accessible by visiting the website and uploading your media. It permits a limited number of free swaps.

Is there a cap on free face swaps with DeepSwap AI?

Yes, the free version limits face swaps. Upgrading to a paid version grants unlimited swaps.

What are the system requirements for DeepSwap AI?

DeepSwap AI is web-based, requiring the internet and a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Does the free version display watermarks on content?

No, the free version doesn’t include watermarks.

Can I use DeepSwap AI’s free version for commercial purposes?

No, the free version is for personal use. Commercial use necessitates a paid subscription.

Is customer support available for the free version?

Yes, the support team assists with free version queries through email and chat.


DeepSwap AI harnesses AI to provide entertaining and captivating content. While some features necessitate payment, the platform’s capabilities are worth exploring. Its user-friendly approach makes it accessible to all, regardless of technical prowess.

The tool’s strengths encompass uploading source media, defining swaps, enhancing results, and sharing/exporting content. Examples and tips guide users to extract maximum value from the platform.

DeepSwap AI is an invaluable tool for those intrigued by the world of deepfakes and face swaps, offering power and accessibility in equal measure.

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