Best ChatGPT Prompt Generator Websites That Are 100% Free

Are you looking for ChatGPT prompt generator tools online? Look no further, we’ve compiled the best list of websites with the latest ChatGPT prompt library.

ChatGPT is free to use, sometimes the problem we might have is the ability to structure our prompts in the best ways that would give us the desired results. Whether you’re looking for ChatGPT prompts for business, already made ChatGPT templates, or examples, you will find this post helpful.

What website generates ChatGPT prompts for free?

The following websites will help you get good results from ChatGPT and any other AI chatbot using prompts.

Hugging Face ChatGPT Prompt Generator

The first on our list of free ChatGPT prompt generators is the Hugging Face app. This is a modern-day innovative prompt generator specially built for OpenAI Chat GPT. It is easy to use and allows users to input their persona type, and click on a button to generate prompts. Once the prompt is generated, you can simply copy and paste it on ChatGPT.

Here’s an example of a prompt generated by Huggin Face ChatGPT prompt generator for the persona “photographer”

I want you to act as a photographer. I will provide you with images and you will create captions for them. My first request is “I need help creating a photobook.”

ASPOSE ChatGPT Prompt Generator

With ASPOSE, you can get the best of ChatGPT and any other AI Chatbot due to its unique way of crafting prompts that will make AI tools bring out the best responses for you. This will save you a great time and effort. When you visit the ASPOSE prompt generator tool, you have a list of options that might suit you, simply click on any of them to generate a prompt or type and search for a fresh prompt.

Here’s an example of ChatGPT prompt generated by the ASPOSE free prompts generator.

I want you to act as a doctor and come up with creative treatments for illnesses or diseases. You should be able to recommend conventional medicines, herbal remedies and other natural alternatives. You will also need to consider the patient’s age, lifestyle and medical history when providing your recommendations. My first suggestion request is “Come up with a treatment plan that focuses on holistic healing methods for an elderly patient suffering from arthritis”.

Awesome GPT Prompts

Awesome GPT Prompts made it to the 3rd rank on our list of powerful ChatGPT prompt generator tools. This is a hub for the most commonly used ChatGPT prompts and also a community where users can submit their own prompts. Awesome GPT Prompts is easy to use and you can get your AI prompts simply at a few clicks.

Once you select a category of prompt on the Awesome GPT Prompts website, you will see a list of short prompts, click on it to expand and when it does, you have the option to “copy” and the other option to “copy and open ChatGPT” This is to make it easier for you.

Here’s an example of a prompt generated by Awesome GPT Prompts.

I want you to act as a skilled public relations adviser. You’re to provide effective advice to individuals seeking help with their communications needs. You should use your knowledge and experience in communication, media relations, crisis management, social media management, strategic thinking, and creativity to provide practical advice concerning the request(s) provided by the client. My first request is, “I need help putting together a PR plan for my real estate business.”


The prompts we unveiled in this special guide will always be of great help whenever you need them. Whether you’re a business analyst, a medical doctor, a student, a coach, or an affiliate marketer, AI prompt generator tools will help boost your speed and productivity.

While we are skeptical about mentioning what we’ve not used, we decided to limit the number of AI prompt generator tools on this post to 3 only for now and promise to keep updating the list as we discover more and more amazing ChatGPT prompt generator tools that are free to use.

Stay tuned for more, and let us know your favorite prompt generation tool.

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