Chat GPT Sign Up: How Do I Create A ChatGPT Account?

To access ChatGPT for free, one needs to create an account with OpenAI. Thankfully, the Chat GPT sign up process can be completed in a few minutes, it does not take time and does not also require any form of technical skills to have your account up and running.

There are several sign up methods interested persons can choose from during the sign up stage. From Chat GPT sign up with Google to, direct email sign up, Microsoft Account and Apple ID sign up options. The same options are available on the ChatGPT app and also on the web.

However, before you register for ChatGPT, I would like to explain what ChatGPT is so that you will have a better understanding of this innovative AI chatbot developed by the OpenAI

What is ChatGPT in simple terms?

In my basic explanation of ChatGPT, it is a natural language processing Artificial Intelligence powered tool for human-like conversation. Users can start conversations with the ChatGPT bot by sending their queries in the form of a prompt and get answers from trained data. ChatGPT is trained on a very large data set and the latest of its Large Language Model is the ChatGPT-4.

You will have to create account to use ChatGPT and there exist the free and paid version of ChatGPT. You can start with the free model GPT-3.5 and upgrade to the paid model GPT-4.0 if you need extra features.

So, let’s dive in proper into the main subject of discussion to reveal to you how you can setup your ChatGPT account hassle free.

How to sign up for ChatGPT

Kindly follow the steps below to create OpenAI ChatGPT account. The processes for ChatGPT Plus sign up is the same with the steps below.

1. Visit OpenAI website

To start your account creation process on the OpenAI website, you will have to visit this link on your browser.

2. Click the Sign up button

Once you click the ChatGPT sign up button, you will be redirected to where you will input your email address and click Continue.

3. Setup ChatGPT password

On this current screen, enter your password and make sure it is at least 8 characters length and click on Continue, to receive OpenAI email verification. A minimum of 8 character is the OpenAI password requirements for ChatGPT.

4. Verify your email address

Check your inbox for OpenAI email verification notification. If you can’t see this in your inbox, check your spam folder and click on the button “Verify Email Address” to get to the name page.

5. Enter your biodata

At this stage, OpenAI wants to know a little about you. Fill in your first name, last name and date of birth to continue.

6. Verify your phone number

Enter your valid phone number and click on “request code” button to get ChatGPT verification code. OpenAI ChatGPT requires that you verify your phone number before you can be able to use ChatGPT. The phone number verification process can be done via SMS or through WhatsApp.

7. Solve the puzzle and enter the code

Immediately you click on the “Request code” button, a human verification screen will appear to verify that you’re a human. After successful verification, the verification code will be sent to your phone as SMS if that was your earlier option or as WhatsApp message if you chose Whatsapp. Enter the verification code and you will be redirected to ChatGPT chat window.

Congratulations you’ve successfully created your first ChatGPT account in seven simple steps. My goal is to make sure you find ChatGPT sign up processes simple and fast, that’s why I have written this detailed ChatGPT sign up tutorial just for you.

ChatGPT sign up overview

Sign up methods– Email
– Google Account
– Microsoft Account
– Apple ID
Sign up
AppsAndroid app and iOS app
Free versionGPT-3.5
Latest releaseGPT-4.0
User friendliness98.9%


How to bypass phone number verification on ChatGPT?

The only way to bypass ChatGPT phone number verification is to use third-party applications built on the OpenAI API that’s powered by ChatGPT.

How do I fix my phone number Cannot be used for verification?

Use a real phone number other than fake phone numbers for ChatGPT verification (temp phone number for chat GPT). If the issue persists, try a different phone number.

Do I have to create an account to use ChatGPT?

Yes, it is part of OpenAI requirements that users create account on their platform before they can access ChatGPT.

How do I register for ChatGPT in China?

Many people have asked us why is ChatGPT not available in China? Well, it’s currently banned in China by the authorities. To access ChatGPT in China, you can make use of VPN, proxies or ChatGPT alternatives in China.

Why can’t i sign up for ChatGPT?

If you can’t sign up for ChatGPT, it could be that you’re in a region where ChatGPT is not allowed, or you’re trying to sign up during ChatGPT peak hours. If you’re in an eligible country, you can try signing up after a while and if the issue persists, contact OpenAI support for solution.


Whether you want to learn how to sign up for chatgpt pro, or the free version, I would like to let you know that it is the same steps for both and as contained in this comprehensive guide.

I hope you find this guide helpful in creating your first ChatGPT account. If you find this post educative, do not hesitate to share with your friends on social media so they can sign up today and begin to interact with ChatGPT.

However, if you have any questions regarding ChatGPT account creation, do not hesitate to ask me using the comment box below.

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