21 Best Free VR Games – Download And Play

Virtual reality (VR) gaming has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. The immersive and interactive experience provided by VR technology has allowed gamers to enter new worlds and experience new adventures like never before. However, not everyone has the budget to purchase expensive VR games or subscriptions. That’s why we’ve selected the best VR free game plays on for to play and have fun with.

Is there a free VR game?

Yes, there are many free VR games available to play. Some of these games are completely free to download and play, while others may offer in-app purchases or additional content that can be purchased for a fee. However, there are plenty of free VR games that offer amazing experiences and allow you to immerse yourself in a new world without having to spend any money. Some examples of free VR games include Rec Room, VRChat, Bigscreen Beta, and Google Earth VR, among many others.

Today at Cuban VR, we will explore the 21 best free VR games that you can play right now.

  1. Rec Room – Rec Room is a social VR game where you can play games, build, and hang out with friends from around the world.
  2. VRChat – VRChat is another social VR game that lets you interact with other players in a virtual world. You can also create your own avatars and environments.
  3. Bigscreen Beta – Bigscreen Beta is a virtual cinema experience that lets you watch movies and TV shows with friends in a virtual theater.
  4. Google Earth VR – Google Earth VR allows you to explore the world in 3D using virtual reality technology.
  5. The Lab – The Lab is a collection of mini-games created by Valve that showcase the potential of VR technology.
  6. Echo VR – Echo VR is a zero-gravity multiplayer game where players compete in a futuristic sport.
  7. First Contact – First Contact is an introduction to VR by Oculus that lets you interact with a friendly robot in a sci-fi environment.
  8. Aircar – Aircar is a free VR game that lets you pilot a flying car in a futuristic city.
  9. VR Dungeon Knight – VR Dungeon Knight is a dungeon-crawler game where you fight monsters and collect loot.
  10. Accounting+ – Accounting+ is a bizarre and hilarious game that puts you in the shoes of a virtual accountant.
  11. Waltz of the Wizard – Waltz of the Wizard is an interactive experience that lets you explore a magical laboratory and cast spells.
  12. The Red Stare – The Red Stare is a VR game where you play as an FBI agent trying to uncover a conspiracy during the Cold War.
  13. Pavlov VR – Pavlov VR is a multiplayer shooter game that lets you play with friends online.
  14. Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay – Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay lets you interact with BB-8 and other droids from the Star Wars universe.
  15. Minecraft VR – Minecraft VR lets you experience the world of Minecraft in virtual reality.
  16. InCell VR – InCell VR is an educational game that teaches players about the human body at a cellular level.
  17. TheBlu – TheBlu is an interactive experience that lets you explore the ocean and interact with marine life.
  18. Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic – Surgeon Simulator VR lets you perform surgery on a patient in a virtual environment.
  19. Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality – Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality lets you swing through New York City as Spider-Man.
  20. Face Your Fears – Face Your Fears is a collection of horror-themed experiences that are sure to scare you.
  21. Google Arts & Culture VR – Google Arts & Culture VR allows you to explore famous museums and art galleries from around the world.


There are plenty of free VR games that offer amazing experiences and allow you to immerse yourself in a new world. Whether you’re interested in socializing with friends, exploring new places, or playing games, there’s something for everyone. So why not give these 21 free VR games a try and see where the adventure takes you?

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