10 Best Brad Pitt Movies Ranked That Will Blow Your Mind

What is Brad Pitt’s best movie? We at Cuban Vr will show you the Brad Pitt top 10 movies of all time in this guide.

In addition to being one of the most famous movie hunks of all time, Brad Pitt is also one of the most successful performers in Hollywood, with a filmography that is replete with critically acclaimed works. The artist has been active in the industry for more than 30 years, during which time he has amassed a number of nominations and prizes, in addition to excellent reviews of the productions in which he has been involved.

Because both the public and the media consistently give positive reviews of Brad Pitt’s films, the actor is frequently brought up in the media to discuss his many acting abilities. In light of this, Canaltech has compiled a list of the top ten films in which the actor has ever starred, in order from the most current to the oldest of his filmography.

Classics like “Fight Club” and “Eleven Men and One Secret” are among the works, in addition to science fiction and drama stories like “Ad Astra: Rumo à Estrelas” and “Arvore do Vida.” You should check out the full list of the top 10 movies starring Brad Pitt that you should watch as soon as you possibly can.

1. Ad Astra: Hit the Stars

In the science fiction film Ad Astra: Strike the Stars, Brad Pitt plays the role of Roy McBride, an astronaut who explores the solar system in an effort to locate his absent father. The expedition, on the other hand, is risky and might put all of humanity in jeopardy.

Ad Astra: Hit the Stars is available on Netflix and Star+.

2. The Tree of Life

In the movie “The Tree of Life,” which was released in 2011, Brad Pitt appears alongside Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. The tale follows the lives of a couple and their three children as they go about their daily lives in the 1950s in a typical American family. The film captures all of the tension that results from the eldest son’s desire to mend his relationship with his father.

You can watch the movie The Tree of Life on Prime Video and Mubi.

3. Once Upon a Time – in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood is a film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Brad Pitt plays the role of Cliff Booth, an actor who serves as a stunt double for Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio). In the late 1960s in Hollywood, when Dalton is just beginning his career as a major television star, the events of the film take place.

The movie Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is available on Netflix.

4. 12 Monkeys

The suspenseful science fiction film “12 Monkeys” is set in the year 2035 and follows the protagonist as he travels through time in order to discover how a mystery virus spread to practically all of the world’s population. In the lengthy version, Brad Pitt plays the role of Jeffrey Goines, and Bruce Willis stars in the film as James Cole.

12 Monkeys can be watched on Netflix.

5. Inglourious Basterds

The events in the film Inglourious Basterds, which was also directed by Quentin Tarantino, take place in France during World War Two, when the country is controlled by the Nazis. The plot of the movie centers on a group of American Jews, including Brad Pitt, who go on a hunting mission during the Third Reich. In addition, the plot details the vengeance taken by Shosanna, a Jewish survivor.

Inglourious Basterds is available on Star+, Prime Video, and Globoplay.

6. Fight Club

The story of Tyler Durden, who was portrayed by Brad Pitt in the film Fight Club, which was adapted from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name, is told via the film. We see the actor participating in a club for men to fight, and the club has very stringent rules. Edward Norton is also a member of the club.

You can watch the movie Fight Club on Star+, Prime Video, HBO Max, and Globoplay.

7. Babylon

In the movie Babylon, Brad Pitt plays Jack Conrad, a successful silent film actor in Hollywood in the 1920s. for other talents.

Babylon can be watched in theaters all over Brazil.

8. Se7en – The Seven Deadly Crimes

Brad Pitt portrays Jack Conrad, a successful silent cinema actor in Hollywood during the 1920s, in the film Babylon. Jack Conrad is also known for his other abilities.

The movie Se7en – The Seven Deadly Crimes is available on HBO Max.

9. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven, in which Brad Pitt portrays the role of Rusty Ryan, is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of classic action filmmaking. The plot of the movie centers on Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, a man who executes a scheme to heist three different casinos in Las Vegas in the span of a single night.

Ocean’s Eleven can be watched on HBO Max.

10. The Man Who Changed The Game

The film The Man Who Changed the Game, starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Chris Pratt, depicts the tale of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. With a short budget, he decides to reinvent the club, combining up with other professionals and recruiting new players.

The Man Who Changed The Game movie can be watched on HBO Max.

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