10 Best AI Tools For Fun – Fun AI Websites And Apps

Are you searching for the 10 best AI websites for fun? If so, relax we have got you covered.

The world is changing quickly thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), which is no longer just for corporations. Everyone needs to be able to laugh or be entertained, especially after a stressful day at work or school. Today, a variety of AI tools are available for amusement and fun. Art, music, and even video games can be produced with these resources.

We’ll explore 10 of the top AI games and apps in this article. All of these tools are free to use and simple to get started with. So these tools cover all your bases whether you want to make fresh art, write a song, or play a game.

Best Free Fun AI Websites And Apps

Whether you’re looking for the best AI tools for fun for Android or iOS devices, you will find the following list of free fun AI websites helpful.

1. DeepArt.io 

This tool uses neural networks to transform your photos into stunning artwork inspired by famous artists like Van Gogh or Picasso.

2. Akinator

A popular online game that uses artificial intelligence to guess the fictional or real-life character you are thinking of by asking a series of questions.

3. Prisma

An AI-powered app that can turn your ordinary photos into vibrant and artistic masterpieces using various styles and filters.

4. Google DeepDream

This tool allows you to create psychedelic and surreal images by applying deep-learning algorithms to your photos.

5. Botnik

It’s an AI-powered writing tool that can generate hilarious and creative content by suggesting words and phrases based on a given input.

6. RunwayMl

A platform that offers a range of AI-powered creative tools, such as generating realistic faces, manipulating videos, and creating interactive experiences.

7. WordArt.com

This tool generates visually stunning word clouds using artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing you to customize fonts, colors, and layouts.

8. Jukin Media

An AI-powered video platform that can help you discover and curate entertaining and viral videos from around the internet.

9. Replika

It’s an AI chatbot designed to be your virtual friend. You can have conversations, communicate emotions, and even play games with this AI-powered companion.

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10. Xiaoice

Developed by Microsoft, Xiaoice is an AI chatbot that engages users in meaningful conversations, offering emotional support, storytelling, and even singing songs.


What is the most popular AI tool?

GPT-4. After GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, GPT-4 is the most current iteration of OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM). The greatest generative AI tools are those of the Chat GPT family.

Which is the most powerful AI tool?

An all-purpose AI tool called Jasper was created to assist users with a variety of tasks, including content creation and AI image creation. Because it has improved what it means to be an AI writer more than other tools, it is our top pick.

What is Google’s AI called?

Google’s experimental conversational AI chat service is called Bard. The main distinction between it and ChatGPT is that the information used by Google’s service will come from the Internet.


The possibility that AI tools like ChatGPT will make our lives simpler and more effective makes them pretty appealing. AI is able to comprehend natural language and intelligently reply to consumer inquiries thanks to its highly developed artificial intelligence. Whether it’s offering website users customer service, replying immediately to an urgent question, or simply having a light-hearted conversation, it is fun to interact with.

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