10 Sites To Access Or Use Chat GPT 4 For Free

If you’re interested in using Chat GPT but don’t want to subscribe to Chat GPT Plus, there’s no need to worry because we have listed 10 sites to access or use Chat GPT 4 for free n this article.

Chat GPT, an AI language model, manages to make waves with its astonishing capabilities in the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI). With greater accuracy and performance than Chat GPT 3, it is a substantial improvement. There are several uses for Chat GPT 4, including learning and fun.

Several websites provide free access to ChatGPT 4 users. You can utilize ChatGPT 4 on these websites to translate languages, produce various types of creative material, and provide informed answers to your inquiries.

Some advantages of utilizing these websites to access Chat GPT 4 include the fact that there are no fees associated with using these websites to access Chat GPT 4. These websites’ user interfaces are simple to use.

10 Sites to Access or Use ChatGPT 4 for Free

1. OpenAI Playground

  • Visit the OpenAI Playground website (playground.openai.com).
  • Select the ChatGPT model.
  • Start interacting with ChatGPT 4 for free in a user-friendly interface.

2. OpenAI API Sandbox

  • Access the OpenAI API Sandbox (sandbox.openai.com).
  • Explore the documentation and guidelines to understand API usage.
  • Utilize the free trial or free tier options to interact with ChatGPT 4 via API calls.

3. GitHub Gists

  • Navigate to the GitHub Gists website (gist.github.com).
  • Create a new gist or find an existing one.
  • Embed ChatGPT 4 code snippets within the gist and experiment with the model for free.

4. Hugging Face Transformers Library

  • Visit the Hugging Face Transformers website (huggingface.com).
  • Explore the available ChatGPT 4 models and their documentation.
  • Utilize the Hugging Face Transformers library to interact with ChatGPT 4 in your preferred programming language.

5. Colab Notebooks

  • Access Google Colab (colab.research.google.com).
  • Create a new notebook or find existing community notebooks.
  • Utilize the available code samples and libraries to interact with ChatGPT 4 for free.

6. Kaggle Kernels

  • Visit the Kaggle website (kaggle.com).
  • Sign up for a free account if you don’t have one.
  • Create a new kernel or explore existing kernels that utilize ChatGPT 4.

7. AI Dungeon

  • Navigate to the AI Dungeon website (aidungeon.io).
  • Sign up or log in to your account.
  • Interact with ChatGPT 4 within the AI Dungeon platform and enjoy text-based adventures.

8. ChatGPT Community Examples:

  • Join the OpenAI Community (community.openai.com).
  • Explore the shared examples and projects by the community members.
  • Gain insights into how others are using ChatGPT 4 and find inspiration for your own usage.

9. Research Papers and Blogs

  • Search for research papers, blog posts, or articles that discuss ChatGPT 4.
  • Authors often provide code snippets and demonstrations that allow you to try ChatGPT 4 for free.

10. AI Developer Communities

  • Participate in AI developer communities such as Stack Overflow, Reddit’s r/MachineLearning, or other AI-focused forums.
  • Engage in discussions, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow developers who may share their experiences with ChatGPT 4.

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Where can I use ChatGPT for free?

Right now, you can access ChatGPT directly from OpenAI’s website at no cost.

Is there a free ChatGPT app?

The official Chat GPT app for Android is not available from OpenAI. However, you can use the web browser on your Android phone to access the ChatGPT website.

Is ChatGPT free for Android?

The ChatGPT app is available for free and is ad-free. Since ChatGPT is essentially just a mechanism to communicate with the chatbot, anyone who is already familiar with it will feel out of place.


Use of Chat GPT is now free thanks to Open AI. However, the free tier has some restrictions, such as a peak-time capacity ceiling. Although Chat GPT is currently free, this probably won’t last forever.

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