10 Best Free Alternatives To Mid-Journey

Midjourney, a popular text-to-image generation tool, has garnered immense attention from content creators. However, not everyone can invest in a paid service or may be on the lookout for free alternatives that offer similar functionality. Thankfully, there are numerous free alternatives that excel in generating images from text descriptions.

In this article, we’ll explore the ten best free alternatives to Midjourney. These alternatives have been carefully selected based on their ability to produce high-quality images from text and their user-friendliness. Whether you’re a content creator or a marketer, these tools will empower you to create captivating visuals for your projects without straining your budget.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence (AI) model renowned for generating high-quality images from textual descriptions. Developed by a team of researchers from Google and OpenAI, this model is built upon the GPT-2 language model, known for its capacity to produce human-like text. Midjourney takes a text description as input and crafts an image that corresponds to the description. The model is trained on a vast dataset of images and their associated textual descriptions.

Importance of Midjourney

Midjourney holds immense value for artists, designers, and developers who require rapid and efficient image generation. Its applications span a wide spectrum, including creating illustrations, designing logos, and generating visual content for social media. Midjourney is particularly valuable for generating images that are intricate or time-consuming to produce manually. It can generate images of complex scenes like landscapes or cityscapes, and even images of objects or characters that exist purely in the realm of imagination.

However, it’s important to note that Midjourney is a proprietary model that requires a subscription for use. This subscription cost can be a hurdle for users on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are several free alternatives to Midjourney that can generate high-quality images from text descriptions. These alternatives are typically open-source models that can be installed on a local computer or accessed via API integration. Some of the top free alternatives to Midjourney include Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, and Jasper Art. These models are adept at generating images that rival those produced by Midjourney.

Criteria for Selection

When choosing the best free alternatives to Midjourney, several factors were taken into account to ensure they meet users’ needs. The criteria for selection encompass reliability, ease of use, and features and functionality.


Reliability is a paramount factor in selecting an alternative to Midjourney. The chosen alternatives must consistently deliver high-quality results. This entails that the AI models used by these alternatives should be trained on extensive datasets to ensure they can produce realistic and precise images.

Ease of Use

User-friendliness is another critical factor. The selected alternatives must boast an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation, catering to users of varying technical backgrounds. Accessibility is key, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with AI-generated images can employ these tools efficiently.

Features and Functionality

A broad range of features and functionalities is vital to cater to diverse user needs. The alternatives must offer various styles, templates, and customization options. Additionally, they should be capable of generating images in different formats and resolutions to suit different purposes.

The best free alternatives to Midjourney should be reliable, easy to use, and packed with a wide array of features and functionality. By considering these factors, users can select an alternative that aligns with their requirements and empowers them to swiftly and effortlessly generate high-quality images.

Here are  the Top 10 Free Alternatives

1. BlueWillow AI

BlueWillow AI is a free AI art Discord bot that functions similarly to Midjourney.

It utilizes machine learning to create high-quality images from text prompts.

Users can access it by joining a Discord server and accepting an invite to the free beta.

Ideal for those seeking an easy-to-use, free image generation tool.

2. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source text-to-image model that rivals Midjourney in image quality.

It can be installed on a local PC with at least 8GB of VRAM.

An excellent choice for users aiming to generate top-notch images without the need for a proprietary model.

3. DALL-E 2

Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E 2 can generate high-quality images from text prompts.

It’s free to use but requires signing up for an API key to access the model.

An outstanding alternative for users seeking high-quality images using a reliable, free AI model.

4. Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a free AI art generator that leverages machine learning for image creation from text prompts.

It’s user-friendly and doesn’t demand technical expertise.

An excellent choice for those who wish to generate high-quality images swiftly and effortlessly.

5. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO is another free AI art generator that employs machine learning for image generation from text prompts.

Like Jasper Art, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require technical skills.

An appealing alternative for quick and straightforward image generation.

6. Prompt Hunt

Prompt Hunt is a free AI art generator utilizing machine learning to craft high-quality images from text prompts.

It offers user-friendly operation without the need for technical knowledge.

A reliable choice for those who seek fast and simple image generation.

7. NightCafe

NightCafe is a free AI art generator that operates on machine learning, generating high-quality images from text prompts.

It provides a user-friendly experience without technical hurdles.

An efficient alternative for users aiming to generate quality images with ease.

8. AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a free AI art tool developed by Google, assisting users in creating images quickly and effortlessly.

It uses machine learning to suggest drawings based on user input.

A suitable option for those looking to create simple designs with ease.

9. Designs.ai

Designs.ai is a free AI design tool capable of creating high-quality images, logos, and other designs swiftly and easily.

It suggests designs based on user input through machine learning.

An excellent choice for those interested in crafting designs without utilizing a text-to-image model.

10. Craiyon

Craiyon is a free AI art generator that utilizes machine learning to generate high-quality images from text prompts.

It offers a straightforward user experience without technical requirements.

A convenient alternative for users seeking quick and easy image generation.

Comparison of Alternatives

When it comes to selecting the best free alternative to Midjourney, users have various options to consider, each with its unique features and advantages. Here’s a comparative overview of some of the top free alternatives:

1. Stable Diffusion:

  • Offers a wide range of features for high-quality AI-generated images.
  • User-friendly platform with customizable templates.

2. Fotor AI Image Generator:

  • Provides ease of use and customization options.
  • Offers a variety of templates to facilitate quick starts.

3. DALL-E 2:

  • Known for highly realistic image generation.
  • Offers advanced features but may require more design skills.

4. NightCafe:

  • Offers features and customization options.
  • Known for quick and easy high-quality image generation.

5. StarryAI:

  • Provides a variety of features and customization choices.
  • User-friendly with a range of templates.

6. AutoDraw:

  • Ideal for creating simple drawings quickly.
  • May not offer extensive customization compared to text-to-image models.

7. Designs.ai:

  • Empowers users to create designs with advanced features.
  • Suitable for those looking for more advanced design capabilities.

8. Craiyon:

  • Offers features and customization options.
  • Known for quick and straightforward image generation.

9. Jasper Art:

  • User-friendly with features and customization options.
  • Enables fast and easy high-quality image generation.

10. Prompt Hunt:

  •  A writing tool with features and customization options.
  •  Useful for generating content quickly and easily.

Factors to consider while choosing the Right Alternative

Selecting the appropriate alternative to Midjourney hinges on your specific needs and requirements. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Purpose

Determine the intended use of the image generation tool. Different tools may be better suited for various purposes. For instance, if you need images for social media, prioritize tools with templates and designs.

2. Features

Consider the features that matter most to you. Do you require high-resolution image generation? Do you need the tool to produce images from specific types of text? Seek a tool that aligns with your feature requirements.

3. Ease of Use

Assess how user-friendly the tool is. Some tools demand more technical knowledge than others. Opt for a tool with a straightforward interface and clear instructions.

4. Cost

While all alternatives listed are free, some may entail additional resources such as a powerful computer or internet connection. Factor in any extra costs associated with tool usage.

When selecting an alternative to Midjourney, it’s vital to consider its features and capabilities, ensuring they align with your needs. While Midjourney suits some users, these alternatives offer cost-effective solutions for those looking to create AI-generated images.


What are some free alternatives to Midjourney?

There are several free alternatives to Midjourney available online. Some of the best options include Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, Nightcafe, StarryAI, and Craiyon. These AI image generators offer unique features to assist in creating captivating artwork without financial strain.

Which AI image generators are comparable to Midjourney?

Several AI image generators are on par with Midjourney in terms of quality and performance. Notable options include Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, Nightcafe, StarryAI, and Adobe Firefly. These platforms employ advanced machine learning to generate high-quality images akin to those produced by Midjourney.

What are the best AI art websites?

Numerous outstanding AI art websites are accessible online, offering a wide range of features and benefits. Some top choices include Deep Dream Generator, ArtBreeder, AI Painter, and Runway ML. These platforms provide diverse tools and resources for crafting impressive artwork using AI technology.

Is there a better AI image generator than Midjourney?

While Midjourney enjoys popularity as an AI image generator, several other platforms offer similar or superior performance. Some commendable alternatives include Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, Nightcafe, and StarryAI. These platforms employ advanced machine learning algorithms to create high-quality images on par with Midjourney.

How can I get a Midjourney subscription for free?

Regrettably, there is no legitimate means of obtaining a free Midjourney subscription. The platform necessitates a monthly or yearly fee for access to its advanced features and tools. Nevertheless, numerous free alternatives exist online, offering comparable or superior performance to Midjourney.

Is there a free version of Midjourney available?

No, there is no free version of Midjourney accessible. The platform requires users to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis to access its advanced features and tools. However, numerous free alternatives are available online, offering similar or even superior performance to Midjourney.


A plethora of free alternatives to Midjourney exist, enabling AI-generated image creation. While Midjourney stands as a premium service with robust text-to-image capabilities, these alternatives provide diverse features catering to creative needs.

Stable Diffusion, developed by Stability AI, emerges as a reliable Midjourney alternative, having been trained on extensive image datasets. It offers both free and paid options, catering to various budgets. Other options to explore include Adobe Firefly, Bing Image Creator, Hotpot.ai, Craiyon, and Jasper Art.

For those eager to delve into image generation, logo design, or artistic exploration, these tools offer excellent avenues for experimentation. Priced at $10 per subscription, Midjourney might not be accessible to everyone, making these free alternatives particularly enticing for budget-conscious individuals.

The selection of the right alternative hinges on the tool’s features and capabilities. While Midjourney might be the preferred choice for some, these alternatives present a cost-effective means for others to craft AI-generated images.

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