10 Best AI Website Builders That Are Free To Use

For companies, businesspersons, and innovators alike, having a visually appealing and functioning website is crucial in today’s digital world. Fortunately, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed website creation, making it easier and more effective than before.

AI Website Builders revolutionize the website creation process, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background. These innovative platforms leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate and simplify the website-building process. With just a few clicks and minimal effort, users can create stunning, professional-looking websites that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

Gone are the days of struggling with complex coding or spending hours on design elements. The Best AI Website Builder empowers users to choose from a variety of templates and styles, customize layouts, add content, and integrate features seamlessly.

Advanced algorithms are used by AI-powered website builders to automate design, make customization easier, and improve user experience. We’ll look at the top 10 AI website builders that let users make beautiful websites quickly and easily.

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10 best AI website builder for beginners and experts

Whether you’re a beginner website designer/developer, the following website builder AI tools can help you improve your skills and boost your productivity.

1. Wix ADI

Wix ADI is a game-changer in the world of AI website builders. It employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze users’ preferences and content, creating personalized website templates in minutes. With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, Wix ADI enables users to effortlessly customize their sites while maintaining a professional look.

2. Jimdo Dolphin

Jimdo Dolphin combines the power of AI and user-friendly design tools to streamline website creation. By asking users a series of questions, it generates personalized website designs tailored to their needs. The platform also offers automatic content generation and smart SEO optimization, ensuring websites are both visually appealing and search engine friendly.

3. Bookmark

Bookmark stands out as an AI website builder that integrates AI-driven design assistance, e-commerce capabilities, and marketing automation. Through its AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant), Bookmark offers creative suggestions and content generation, simplifying the website creation process for beginners and experts alike.

4. Strikingly

Designed to create modern, one-page websites, Strikingly utilizes AI to assist users in building sleek and responsive sites. Its intelligent features enable easy customization and offer pre-designed sections optimized for various industries, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

5. Firedrop

Firedrop combines AI and human creativity to deliver unique website designs. By interacting with an AI chatbot, users can describe their vision and preferences. The platform’s designers then curate personalized templates, providing users with the best of both worlds: AI convenience and human touch.

6. Grid

The Grid revolutionizes website design with its AI-powered algorithm, Molly. By analyzing user content and preferences, Molly generates personalized layouts and continuously optimizes websites for improved performance. The Grid’s focus on automation and customization makes it an excellent choice for creating visually stunning and responsive sites.

7. SITE123

SITE123 simplifies the website-building process by leveraging AI to create websites swiftly. It offers a vast collection of templates and allows users to customize their sites effortlessly. Additionally, SITE123 integrates AI-powered features for SEO optimization, multilingual support, and social media integration.

8. Webflow

Webflow combines a visual web design interface with AI automation, enabling users to create complex and visually captivating websites without coding. Its powerful design tools, integrated CMS, and e-commerce functionality make Webflow an excellent choice for professionals and agencies seeking high-quality and customizable websites.

9. Weebly

Weebly incorporates AI technology to facilitate seamless website creation. With its intelligent suggestions and personalized templates, users can effortlessly build professional websites. Weebly also offers robust e-commerce features, allowing users to create online stores with ease.

10. Duda

Duda provides an AI-powered website builder tailored for agencies and web professionals. With its responsive design capabilities and comprehensive customization options, Duda allows users to create visually stunning websites that are optimized for all devices. Its AI-driven website personalization feature enables businesses to deliver personalized experiences to their visitors.


What is the best AI tool to make a website?

Wix ADI uses AI to produce websites quite faster. Artificial Design Intelligence, or ADI in this case, is a system designed to produce websites from responses to its prompts.

Is there a free AI website builder?

For customers seeking a free AI builder with lots of customization options, try TeleportHQ. It makes it simple to add unique HTML and CSS code, enabling you to change any aspect of the website. With ChatGPT, TeleportHQ enables you to generate HTML and CSS code even if you don’t have any coding experience.

Does Wix use AI?

Wix has led the AI market since 2016 and continues to create cutting-edge AI solutions. They combine AI with our decades of site design experience to create a solution that is more dependable and intelligent than others on the market,


The Best AI Website Builder represents a remarkable leap forward in the world of website creation. With its powerful artificial intelligence and intuitive interface, it empowers users of all backgrounds to craft visually stunning and functional websites effortlessly. No longer do individuals and businesses need to struggle with complex coding or invest significant time and resources into web development.

Thanks to AI Website Builders, the process of creating a website has become accessible to anyone, allowing them to focus on their core passions and objectives without compromising on their online presence.

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